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Wrote just a few cheat notes for my math exam

We did it gamers. Help me this to be seen by Pewds #100MILLION: YouTube Wow. I didn't even expect you to hit that milestone, but here we are! 10 times bigger than Sweden god damnit. Remember tho.. the 9 year olds. One hundred million subscribers. Maybe you've imagined that day cause I didn't lol, maybe you never thought you'd grow so big. Either way, not much can match the satisfaction of finding out that your creativity, that your minecraft vids, that your LWIAY videos speak to one hundred million across the block world We know T-Series passed you but who the freak cares? You are still the first non-botted, original, funny and non-music video channel on YouTube. Hey really don't know what to award you with but let's be honest, we don't care for a reward as soon as you got to this milestone With your Minecraft views record, we suspect you're only going to keep growing. And we can't wait to see you reach the next milestone: 500 million gamers. It may seem far away, but remember the days T-Series was behind and you were psyched to have 50 million? You've amazed us. You are cute with CutiePie and Sven together. You are our inspiration. Continue building creatively Sincerely, 100 μιλλιον μινεχραφτερσ Brofists, 9 year olds, epic gamers and all the ones who helped you reach this milestone, bro. Your Subs, 100 Millions we love you 100 million We did it gamers. Help me this to be seen by Pewds #100MILLION

We did it gamers. Help me this to be seen by Pewds #100MILLION

YouTube Did It Again... This man got about 30 of his videos copyright strike on the same day using bots, Please help out a fellow gamer. Details : https://twitter.com/theoblivionhd/status/1128554891272757253?s=21: 12:34 PM 5%) 44.1K views 102 Promoted OBLIVIoN @TheOblivionHD 2hV Just woke up to about 30 emails for different videos saying this @TeamYouTube @YTCreators Like seriously. What in the actual hell do I do with this? l've legit been copyright botted. Look at the times theh were all sent Information about your video "RUST I LASER TRAP DEATH RUN 1.6 !&quot Today at 06:33 youtubelogo/2x/youtubelogo 60.pngl Dear Obl.. YouTube 6:41 Information about your video "SENDING https://www.gstatic Youlube YouTube 6:41 Dear Otivion Information about your video &quot,THE ULT. s://www.gstatic https://www.gstatic youtubelogo/2x/youtubelogo 60.pngl Dear Obl. youtubelogo/2x/youtubelogo 60.png] Dear Obl... YouTube 06:28 Information about your video "RUST FIR... https://www.gstatic.com/youtube/img/branding/ youtubelogo/2x/youtubelogo 60.png] Dear Obl... 06:25 Information about your video &quot RUSTRU.. https:/www.gstatic youtubelogo/2x/youtubelogo 60.pngl Dear Obl.. YouTube 06:28> Information about your video &quot RUSTI CO. YouTube 06:25 Information about your video &quot RUST I BA static.c 3 Viva La Dirt League @vivadirt 13h YouTube Did It Again... This man got about 30 of his videos copyright strike on the same day using bots, Please help out a fellow gamer. Details : https://twitter.com/theoblivionhd/status/1128554891272757253?s=21

YouTube Did It Again... This man got about 30 of his videos copyright strike on the same day using bots, Please help out a fellow gamer....