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Anna, Ariel, and Ass: WWw.missho1IS-P misshollyslair: *** Please support me by buying me a Ko-fi ! Tips help me make art for pure enjoyment like this piece :) Plus you’ll get a little something by mail if you tip me 3 Ko-fis or more ! https://ko-fi.com/missholly ***This is my remake of Winterhalter’s painting of Empress Eugenie and her ladies in waiting. If you’ve followed me for quite some time, you’ll remember I made a first version of this painting a few years ago, in 2013 to be precise, which I still like a lot (https://www.deviantart.com/hollybell/art/Princess-Tea-Party-417118671). It was already a bit ambitious for me at the time, and you’ll notice I took quite some shortcuts here and there, especially with the background. Because of that, and because I never got around to take part in the improvement meme that circulated a while ago, I decided to make a new updated version ! I had been wanting to do it for a long time, and recent events made it possible for me to set aside enough time to make it happen.You’ll notice I changed the princesses who appear in the image. There’s no particular reason behind it, but if I had to give one I’d say it’s just to suit my current taste better :) For instance, I can’t remember why I picked Snow White at the time, because she’s not one of my favs. My favorite princesses are Belle and Ariel, so they stay in the front spots :) I also love Giselle, and I have sweet spots for Moana and Rapunzel. Except this time I gave her her long hair for a change. Tiana kicks ass so I really wanted her to stay too, and I also adore Mulan so she just HAD to be there. The two women in the bottom right corner in Winterhalter’s painting seem to have a closer relationship, and it just seemed that it would be perfect for sisters. I hesitated because there are other girls I like way more than Anna and Elsa but it seemed more consistent that way. And bonus point, an excuse to add glitter ! \o/A couple of questions I get often :« Why is [insert other princess] not here ? »Well, if you look at Winterhalter’s painting, you’ll notice there are only 9 women, and so I had to stick to that. So yeah, obviously that’s not enough room to draw everyone. I picked the princesses I liked best or wanted to draw at that point, but feel free to make your own version with the ones you like !« Why so much watermark ? It ruins the piece ! »Because I’m really done with my stuff being stolen, cropped and savagely reposted on pages with no credit. Artists make art for everybody to enjoy, the least one can do is respect their hard work and always credit. Credit is vital to us because it gets us out there and enables clients to find us. DON’T REPOST WITHOUT PROPER CREDIT (name and link), AND DON’T CROP. Please and thank you.