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An Unlikely Friend via /r/wholesomememes https://ift.tt/2PWAZUU: Yesterday at 7:01 AM > today I let a house rat live. > This rat was always eating my tinapays (cheap bread in Filipino) at night. > This rat was also disturbing me when I'm watching porn at night. > Sometimes I see him lurking on my unwashed dishes and stuffs. > He also ate my box of chocolates I was planning to give to someone and the roses too. And ruined my newly bought ACG Windbreaker jacket. > So in my disgusts, I setup a clever water trap. > I was planning to let and watched him drown without mercy. > He was very persistent and eager to live that it took me over three hours watching him paddle for his own survival not knowing that he hasn't evern have the slightest chance to survive on the water trap I setup. > And in those hours I remembered, Tasih how to clean my dishes ight nter eating - Twas the rat who urged me to keep my food in the right places > Twas him, the rat who showed me that when I don't keep my place tidy and neat, rats and shit show up. > So I picked him up right before he drowned himself to the trap I purposely built for him. > Headed to the park (front of my apartment's bldg) > Gave him some leftover tinapays so he could eat before we part. > Say my goodbyes, and gently I let him run on the ground and let him live > Its all quite a bit sad because I'm all alone now, but, - Thank you Mir. Rat, for teaching me how to adult. Thank you An Unlikely Friend via /r/wholesomememes https://ift.tt/2PWAZUU