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Money, Bank, and Dollar Store: assoc Heliu Due to the increase in temperature, we will NO LONGER be accepting money $2 carried in your bra. Thanks, P cy le Management ACELL RE Check Adcptance Policy Política de Aceptación de Cheques LE A valid Photo ID is required: valid photo ID is a driver's license, Military ID, or State issued ID. Se requiere un documento de identidad con fotografía valido; documentos de identidad con fotografia válidos son la licencia de EAR r, la tarjeta de identificación militar o una tarjeta emitida conduci Your name and address must be printed on your check por el estado. Su nombre y dirección deben estar impresos en el cheque. El cheque debe girarse hasta por la cantidad de la compra Your check may be written for up to the purchase amount Cuando proporciona un cheque como forma de pago, usted autoriza a cheque para realizar una transferencia Sta When you provide a check as payment, you authorize Certegy to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your account, process the payment as a check transaction, or use a bank draft. If your payment is returned unpaid, you authorize Certegy to collect a Service Charge, via a one-time EFT or using a bank draft drawn on your account. The Service Charge charged will be the maximum allowed by law Certegy a usar la información de eav electrónica de fondos (EFT, por sus siglas en Inglés) por única vez su cuenta, procesar el pago como una transacción de cheque, pago debido a fondos desd bien, usar un giro bancario. Si se devuelve a insuficientes o no cobrados, usted autoriza a Certegy a cobrar un cargo por servicios a través de una EFT por única vez o mediante un giro bancario extraido por su cuenta. El cargo por servicios será el máximo permitido por la ley WE WELCOME YOUR CHECK DOLLAR GENERAL We Sign at my local dollar store

Sign at my local dollar store

Girls, School, and Target: INDEPENDENT LIKE Voices There is a way to revent so many eenage girls being deprešsed - but no one wants to admit it ity the girl who's wearing a bra before she leaves primary school already she's ventured over the top, into a no man's land of groping, cat calls and adult disapproval ithelpstodream: excerpt: “If girls say they are depressed, we owe it to them to listen. Furthermore, we can no longer afford to ignore the effect of a highly gendered culture on the mental wellbeing of girls. If we’re able to draw links between masculinity and high suicide rates in men, we can surely do the same with femininity and female despair. If the past is another country, female adolescence is a war zone. Puberty transforms you into a walking target overnight. If you’re lucky, other girls get there before you and become your shields. Pity the girl who’s wearing a bra before she leaves primary school; already she’s ventured over the top, into a no man’s land of groping, cat calls and adult disapproval. Girls need support in getting through this. They need coping methods. But they also need a different society, one which permits them to take up space, to express their fears and passions rather than internalise them. It should not be the role of mental health services to patch girls up and arm them to face another onslaught of patriarchal slings and arrows. There has to be a ceasefire. Girls shouldn’t have to be so brave.” read more: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/mental-health-teenage-girls-quarter-rise-patriarchy-sexism-abuse-a7957441.html

ithelpstodream: excerpt: “If girls say they are depressed, we owe it to them to listen. Furthermore, we can no longer afford to ignore the...

Animals, Bad, and Butt: goddamnshinyrock: why-animals-do-the-thing: wolfforce58205: zooophagous: caong: zooophagous: theexoticvet: Tick season is already in full swing and it’s going to be one of the worst years for ticks and lyme disease. Make sure your pets are on flea/tick/heartworm prevention and get your dogs vaccinated against lyme! The sun is shining and the grass is green in minnesota today, what a lovely beginning to the impending TICKPOCALYPSE Remember to cover yourselves appropriately if you’re going places with lots of wildlife! Ticks are dangerous for people as well as pets! I’ve always heard to avoid long pants because ticks are easier to notice and remove when they try to climb a bare leg, but I think it’s a matter of preference tbh. What you really need is to use a good repellant made for use in tick heavy areas. I’m not talking citronella essential oils, I mean a real repellant like Deep woods OFF that uses DDT. Spray it on your shoes and inside your shoes. You would be surprised how many ticks start in your socks and work their way up. I have had waaaaaay fewer guests on me after spraying my shoes as well as my legs. If you want to get REALLY serious you can treat your hiking gear in permethrin, or get permethrin treated exercise gear. It’s a very potent, effective substance that kills ticks and other parasites on contact. It’s present in some flea and tick treatments for dogs. But the kicker is, permethrin is also VERY toxic to cats, so if you have a cat and you feel like you need permethrin treated gear, you MUST keep the gear where kitty can’t get it. Friendly reminder to stock up on tick meds for your pets, and repellent for yourself! This year is going to be a BAD one. ALWAYS check yourself after a hike, or any trip outside. Wear bright clothes so it’s easier to see ticks on you, and make sure to do a full-body check when you’re done. This includes checking your hair line and under waistbands or underwear (last tick I found on me was on my butt, and I had been hiking with pants and a long shirt on…trust me, check under your underwear). Remove ticks as soon as you find them, and keep them in a small container or bag (heads completely squished) for identification purposes just in case your bite looks iffy later on. Clean the bite site thoroughly. Be on the look out for any flu-like symptoms, rashes, or red rings around the bite site like a bulls-eye (note: a slight red ring right afterward is normal, see below for what “bad” looks like). Usually if you get a tick off in the first 24 hours you’ll be ok, so long as you didn’t agitate the tick, but if you notice anything abnormal go to the doctor ASAP. If your tick was engorged when removed, be especially on the lookout. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the nasty diseases ticks can carry. Remember: if you’re buying tick preventatives for your pets, make sure you get one that’s meant for them. Don’t use dog-specific medicine on cats, or vice-versa, and make sure you get the correct weight range for your pet. Failure to do so can lead to serious complications for your pets. If you’re not sure what you should use or what’s safe for pets, contact your local veterinarian and ask. If your pet is bitten by a tick and displays any abnormal behaviors or symptoms of sickness get them to your vet as soon as you can and bring the tick with you. This has been your tick safety reminder post for the season. Reblogging for both human tick safety and the note that permethrin is really deadly to cats. important addition: when you come in from your outdoors activity, as you do your tick check put the clothes you were wearing directly into the wash (or, if you can’t wash them immediately for some reason, into a sealed plastic bag). Don’t sit on your furniture, don’t put the clothes in your hamper with your other things, and don’t delay the tick check. If a tick is on the removed clothing and the clothing isn’t cleaned, they’ll head for the nearest delicious mammal, whether that’s a person or a pet. After you quarantine your clothes and check your whole body (get a buddy or use a mirror for your back), it’s also wise to shower, although that’s by no means foolproof, and won’t have any effect if a tick has already latched on.  When you do your check, focus on the crevices of your body- on people and animals, ticks are most likely to latch on in warm and protected areas. This means that the groin, underarms, and scalp are a prime tick buffet, as well as under your bra and (as someone above said) under your waistband, or any other area where your clothing fits snugly. On pets, they’ll concentrate in the thicker fur at the neck, behind the ears, and in the ‘armpits’, but you’ll likely also find a few elsewhere on the body, especially on pets with fluffy coats.

goddamnshinyrock: why-animals-do-the-thing: wolfforce58205: zooophagous: caong: zooophagous: theexoticvet: Tick season is already in ...