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kawaiitriot: Been awhile since I made one of these but I felt inspired: brian david gilbert O @briamgilbert · 15h 17% if you're judging by how many times i mumbled "wow." after leaving the theater, cats is exactly as good as parasite O 105 27 1.8K 22.6K TOMATOMETER A spectacular disaster...This movie feels like a prank but I don't know on whom. Congratulations to dogs. I gasped with laughter, I covered my face, I pulled at my hair, I clasped my hands over my mouth to keep from screaming. Cats had broken me * I felt the light inside me slowly fading. CATE Hollywood Reporter Cat-astrophic. MirrorMovies O @MirrorMovies LA Times "Cats" is both a horror and an endurance test. #CATSMovie first reactions call it "way too horny" and "bewildering" The Beat Cats is the worst thing to happen to cats since dogs. Mashable O @mashable · Dec 16 M No, 'Cats' can not have a little salami: Jason Derulo says his penis was edited brace yourself out of the movie trib.al/PCFICBY Lindsay Ellis O @thelindsayellis 7h I am so confused by the people calling it boring. It's just two hours of body horror and bewilderment and frustrating filmmaking. I loved it. I didn't hate it. You must witness the hubris of director Tom December 19, 2019 Hooper. You must witness the hubris of Hollywood. The hubris of these performers. X Oh God, my eyes. JERS JuanPa O @jpbrammer · 14h CATS said here's the movie you deserve * By the time I left the theater, I wasn't even sure what a real cat looked like anymore. kawaiitriot: Been awhile since I made one of these but I felt inspired