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It begins: lamnewatthis @sandynewtothis Replying to @realDonaldTrump I have to pay $2000 MORE in taxes this year! What happened?? I voted for you and thought you were fixing this, not making it worse!? I thought l would get money back this year!? 11:56 AM-2/1/19 Twitter for Android Bh @distorion12345 Replying to @realDonaldTrump I just did my taxes and paid in /made the same as last year.l owe 4K more wtf.. I voted for Trump. But will not be next election 7:06 PM 1/30/19 Twitter for iPhone Shelby Kuh @ShelbyKuh Replying to @realDonaldTrump I voted for you the first time but after you screwed me on my get tax break l won't vote for you again especially after I started on my 2018 return it's a joke the taxes you are keeping from a working person good luck in 2020 5:23 AM.2/2/19 Twitter for iPhone Matt Davis @MattDav72811123 @realDonaldTrump I trusted and voted for you, now, screwed by you. I fall JUST above a tax bracket, I don't get the 5000 return I've gotten the last 3 years. Money my family depends on to start us over. I served my country honorably. I will not make the same mistake twice 10:58 AM-1/30/19 Twitter for Android Dee Nelson @deeebeeezz @realDonaldTrump just did my taxes and thanks for increasing mine!! No change in income and got back $400 less than last year. That campaign promise was one of the only two reasons l voted for you. Rethinking that decision now 10:00 AM-1/27/19 Twitter for iPhone April Henderson @Amudrslr Replying to @realDonaldTrump We're paying $5,000 more in taxes for 2018. Imagine our surprise! We voted for you, we have advocated for you, I have lost life long friends in support of you. I am truly disappointed. Not only have our taxes increased, but you've done nothing to fix our healthcare 7:26 AM-2/3/19 Twitter for iPhone This is my new favorite genre of disappointed Trump voter. Meet the Trump voter taking it in the teeth at tax time. How unsurprising "Fuck you, got mine" becomes a simple tuck you" in a flash. Source.cognitivedissonance 12,021 notes It begins