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Tumblr, Blog, and Image: crescentdf: “U-undyne…?W-what happened to your left eye?”“That’s okay Alphys. This is just a proof of bravery.”DIE(゚∀。)

crescentdf: “U-undyne…?W-what happened to your left eye?”“That’s okay Alphys. This is just a proof of bravery.”DIE(゚∀。)

Click, Dude, and Frozen: kandrakelsierthe-formerone Follow lapushpaclk twilight but bella is accidentally super stoned every time edward does something weird and supernatural so she never actually notices or figures it out by herself, but she points it out every time and scares the hell out of him the cullens have had several code reds, all because edward's new lab partner keeps brushing up against him unintentionally and going "woan, dude. you re like, super cold" eventually, after months of them hanging out and her repeatedly missing key things he gradually makes more and more obvious he is literally sitting underneath the sun and sparkling, and she just squints at him, gives him a silly thumbs up, and then a high five shortly after he just gives up and tells her rosalielesbianhale edward being so fed up with keeping the secret from bella so they're lounging in the sun, with edward just waiting for it to click, for her to realise that he's not human bella spends so long looking at him with edward completely frozen in place waiting to see what her reaction will be. he's prepared for fear in her eyes, for her to scream, to distance herself from him or possibly run away. what he is not prepared for is her lazily trailing her finger down the length of his forearm and breathing out a single word. "pretty." she then falls back on the grass with her eyes closed enjoying the sun but edward is so outraged that he springs to his feet, not even bothering to move at a human pace and throws her words back in her face as if they were an affront. "pretty?? bella, this is the skin of a killer." bella just snorts, barely opening her eyes to look at him "okay, edgelord," there's a lazy smile on her face but she doesn't even bother to sit up before she continues, "edward, seriously, that's the skin of every teenage girl in the 90s and i admire your bravery in attempting to bring back body glitter but don't oversell it." hybridsins I stan stoner Bella morganfrederickrielly don't oversell it Stoner Bella

Stoner Bella