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Abc, Apparently, and Bitch: Homecoming Dance VIRGIN SURGIN CONTEST To protest those asshats who don't like the way we dance the bros are having a hyman smashing party. For every handjob you get a point. For every blowjob you get points. For every cockrocker on the dance floor you get 15 points. For every virgin bitch you pop you get 30 points. Only one bitch per bro sloppy seconds don't count. WE'RE POPPIN THOSE LOCKS EVEN IF WE HAVE TO RAPE A BITCH!!!! See Brock Gipson Ben Wallace or Tyler Chritton for details. loki-frigguson: pagebender: shortofthetrack: I usually don’t post things like this but… I went to Logan-Rogersville High School. …and this is what’s going on there right now. THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. Apparently one of the local news stations said that the superintendent begged them not to air a story until after they had time to investigate, i.e. cover it up and hope it goes away. I think the news station is going to comply. THAT IS ALSO NOT OK. IT’S THIS KIND OF THING THAT PROMOTES RAPE CULTURE. IF THERE IS A PROBLEM, YOU ADDRESS IT AND BRING THESE SORRY EXCUSES FOR HUMAN BEINGS TO JUSTICE. Logan-Rogersville’s Administration Office: 417-753-2891Dr. Tucker (superintendent): jtucker@logrog.net The local news stations:NBC (KY3): 417-268-3200CBS (KOLR10): 417-862-1010 ABC (KSPR): 417-831-1333FOX (KRBK): 417-522-0020small local station (KOLZ): 417-862-2727 IGNORING IT WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM. I live about 15 minutes from this town. Furiously sending to all the news stations as we speak. This is just sick. Where is this? I will fucking walk there and the only thing that’ll be popping is their ballsacks and maybe a lung each.