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Being Alone, Amazon, and College: did you know? There's an app that pays people to go online. Nielsen, the organization that does TV ratings, now measures the popularity of websites and online videos. To do that, they'll pay you just to 1.) Join the Nielsen panel at InternetPanel.org 2.) Get the free app on your phone/computer, 3.) Use the internet the same way you do now. It's that simple! Panel members receive cash and Amazon gift cards just to use the internet. nielsen PHOTO: INTERNETPANEL.ORG DID YOU KNOW? collegehackable: cntnd: zarb: You guys, I looked into it and this is legitimate. According to Wikipedia, Nielsen has been a trusted name since the 1920s, first measuring what radio stations people listened to. In the 1950s, they got into television ratings and now they’re measuring the popularity of stuff online. I can’t believe they’re gonna start paying me to watch youtube videos… I’m truly living in 3019 It took me less than 5 minutes to sign up here GUYS… in 2019 we live in 3019 I usually scroll past these sorta posts, but I know a lot of broke college kids follow me and want someone to verify if this is real. After doing my homework, I learned that the Nielsen internet panel is undeniably real. (Source: TV Technology) If you’re worried about what data they collect, this is from Nielsen’s website: TL;DR they only want to know what websites you visit, how long you spend on those sites, etc. and they NEVER collect sensitive data such as usernames, passwords, login information, bank, or credit card information. Facebook already collects (and sells) your data. The difference is that Nielsen wants to pay you and they’re not sneaky about it. So yes, you can quite literally get paid to watch youtube videos. Pro-Tip: to make the most money, you guys should join the panel on your computer AND your phone because you can earn more for multiple devices. Besides regular rewards, Nielsen gives away $10,000 cash each month. You could receive a thousand dollars in one month from the sweepstakes alone. If you keep Nielsen on your computer, you’ll be automatically entered into their monthly sweepstakes, so the app is a must-have on laptop or desktop. Two people win $1000 each month and four hundred people win cash prizes. Another reason to add multiple devices is that annually they will pay you $50 per mobile device you connect, so it pays to put Nielsen on all your devices, even that old phone in a drawer somewhere if it’ll turn on. Tablets work too, as do iPods and E-Readers.

collegehackable: cntnd: zarb: You guys, I looked into it and this is legitimate. According to Wikipedia, Nielsen has been a trusted name s...

Butt, College, and Food: 2:14 2:13 /TooATraid TOAS u/Live lyfe_happy 2h 1.0k 60 Share May I have 41 karma points please? ki10 butt 1h Do you have a Walmart or other big grocery store near you? I could email you a gift card and you could pick out some things to help until Monday. I'm trying to post on /r/Food_Pantry or /r/Food_Bank and unfortunately you need 300+ karma points and I have 269 I just need a little bit more. I'm not sure if its a rule that you can't ask for points here, but I didn't know where else to ask for them, and this seems like the most appropriate place to ask 41 Live lyfe happy .1h Yes a walmart is down the street from us 43 Edit: I very much appreciate you all for helping me get more then what I needed to post on the subs. This really does go a long way for me. Edit 2: Holy cow, you guys are absolutely mad!!!! Some of you are going through my post history to give me a upvote I really wish I could meet all of you in person to thank you guys. I don't deserve all this kindness ki10butt 1h If you message me where you're located and some things you need, I'll order them and have them ready to be picked up at your local store ki10 butt 9m Okay, I made a Wal-mart grocery order. You'll have groceries available for pickup tomorrow (the 16th) morning by 8-9 am 60 Share x7 BEST COMMENTS ▼ Hope this helps! ki10 butt 1h I don't mean to be nosy, but do you need some help? I don't have a ton of money, but lI feel like doing something nice for a stranger today 4 11 lanynz 4m You guys are so lovely Reply 124 Live_lyfe_happy 1h Yes, my sister is currently pregnant, and ThaToastman 1h Ill do it too, I'm a broke college kid, but you need it more than me.. Add a comment The most heart warming post you’ll read all day! It brought tears to my eyes.

The most heart warming post you’ll read all day! It brought tears to my eyes.