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How to Germanize yourself in 10 Steps: 10 STEPS TO GERMANIZE YOURSELF 1 Put on your Hausschuhe Germans love their Hausschuhe (house shoes) so you must too. View anyone who doesn't wear house shoes as a primitive savage: part human, part dirt distribution device Dress Normcore Dress as ordinarily and anonymously as possible: normal, only made hardcore Germans express their normcore by favoring practical clothing that emphasizes engineering over something as pointless, fickle and downright vague as fashion. HALT! Respect the Ampelmännchen! Empty road? So what? Respect the Ampelmännchen -guardian of the crossing pedestrian BiO Respect Nature Regular immersion in nature is important for your Seele (soul): wandern (go hiking) on Sundays, buy anything with the word Bio on it and only buy your children wooden toys. Get Qualified Germans value practicality and specialism. If you've not studied it, if you're not qualified in it, you've no right to even attempt it. Make it a Schorle Add Sprudelwasser (fizzy water) to everything you drink. The pinnacle of all this is, of course, the spectacular German invention Apfelsaftschorle When in doubt potato To be German is to do everything possible to the potato, and possibly one or two things more. Discover more subtleties of German cuisine Wurst + Brot- everything else you need to know NaaG.. GUT ACH SO! Alles klar! Don't small talk Small talk is for small minds. Just say whatever it is you are thinking, honestly and directly. sonstso 10 Be accurate! From tiny acorns of i s mighty oak trees of deception may grow. Be a whenever possible. From How To Be German and Make Me German by Adam Fletcher +Babbel How to Germanize yourself in 10 Steps

How to Germanize yourself in 10 Steps