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Being Alone, Be Like, and Bitch: 11Alive News @11AliveNews She went to the hospital to have her baby. Now her husband is raising two kids alone: on.11alive.com/2P9SS5 8:12 AM Oct 18, 2018 647 Retweets 929 Likes GEM @ROZtheCreator Dear BLACK WOMEN, It's time to educate ourselves even further... I believe it's time to hire more midwives or doulas and try to do home births.. idk if you guys didn't see that video where that Doctor explained that they don't listen BLACK WOMEN.., well here's proof 11Alive News @11AliveNews She went to the hospital to have her babv. Now her husband is raising two kids alone on.11alive.com/2P9SS5I 1:30 PM Oct 18, 2018 4K Retweets 6K Likes uncommonbish: mx-lamont: uncommonbish: BLACK MOTHERS shouldnโ€™t be dying after giving birth but they are and it isnโ€™t because of complications or health issues, itโ€™s because NO ONE IS LISTENING WHEN THEY SPEAK! My little sisterโ€™s birthing is PRIME example of this! My parents ended up suing a hospital because Instead of the doctor being the one to deliver my little sister some random nurse did it. And SHE cut the umbilical cord (From where I come from that is the fatherโ€™s duty) A janitor walked in right before delivery while my mom was in stirrups (business all out) to โ€œmop the floorโ€ They didnโ€™t get my mom the right dosage of anastasia And to top it all off My mom literally KICKED that bitch of a fuckin nurse because on my motherโ€™s paper work it say she is ALLERGIC TO LATEX!! ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸพAND๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ WHAT๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ DOES ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸพTHAT๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ BITCH ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸพWEAR๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ?!? LATEX GLOVES!!! My father had to run to the CVS across the street to buy a box of non-latex gloves for them to use because they didnโ€™t have ANY non-latex gloves in the ENTIRE FUCKING HOSPITAL!!! I wish I were making this up. I wish I could just be like โ€œlol jkโ€ But my mother almost lost her life in birth because the hospital staff didnโ€™t listen to her the SEVERAL TIMES she was trying to tell them something was wrong.
Being Alone, Cheating, and Crazy: And you guys have the nerve to call me a liar you had the nerve to try and act like my friend stand and see the sadness I was in friend me on Facebook, and then post pictures of my husband that you came from by God knows who to probably purposely interfere and feed him lies or you both were in on it together, COPS thats Who you both probably work for or you recruited him and he really did love me in the beginning your probably not even the real girl he was talking to l bet your whole identity fake, well l'm going to find out everything about you who you both are, and if it's the last thing I ever dol promise you that now l'm taking the private investigatorsrt on A and proof he, hired and sent You can't reply to this conversation. Learn More paid, to purposely inflict mental duress and trigger my PTSD I thought the was you on the nanny cam but see that's why A didn't get a dime, because he Was sloppy in the beginning And betweens, I knew he was cheating and using me and apart of publicly outing me after the wedding to create mental dehabilitation ive got all your names identities and pictures but atleastni figured it out before I was stupid enough to buy a car or pay a attorney it's you and him that hack my electronics vou were the one moving my stuff and hiding it when you were over here fucking him you both are perfect for each other psychopaths liars users and snakes but I promise you if l do it with my last breath I'm going to mak J 'e he goes to jail and if I'm ะปัƒ I'll get all of You can't reply to this conversation. Learn More jail and if l'm lucky l'll get all of you sent to jail. I just wonder though for he was recruited just b4 the wedding or from the beginning something tells me that it was from the beginning.. Karma so going to get you, and misery you caused and cause others will fall upon your life's and souls the child your bearing will carry your sins, the Hapiness you stole all for money or other things of this world you'll pay for with your souls. But my life long torture ends today no longer will any of you win, no longer will I fall for your mind games I'm going to fight back and win win win, you guys are something else all the proof I have when we go to court and I know that your not the only girl S aka P is involved but vou know what th lians say laugh now cry <er... You think You can't reply to this conversation. Learn More laugh now cry later... You think your going to get away but this isnt American soil this is Canadian land this is the queens country where we are guided by humans rights and truly governed by the UN. And the UN has no tolerance for Gangstalking! And tell A I'm not signing anything 'II see him behind bars I'm going to make sure all the evidence is displayed in divorce court too he can say 911 calls that l abused him little does he know I have recordings of the calls where vou can see him putting on this grandiose display of false crys all while smiling... I know I've been knew he was dirty A with the tiny tinky dick. The life insurance he pulled out in my name, this time I'm not going to let me be the sacrifice because I'm focused sober and mentally grounded no You can't reply to this conversation. Learn More to let me be the sacrifice because I'm focused sober and mentally grounded no longer are my thoughts emotional there logical and intellectual get ready for me to expose who and what you ppl really are with God has my leader and archangel Michael my protectors will conquer and destroy this evil psychopathic cult/USGovt extension although now with proof you exist and names photos recordings I don't think the govt of Canada will be to pleased that the US has beern running unsanctioned operations within their borders.and nowI think it's time for thevUSB to be released You lost your mind. Leave me alone You can't reply to this conversation. Learn More This lady is convinced my fiancรฉ is her husband in disguise. She thinks one of my friends is a bounty hunter from Texas sent by the Mexican cartel to steal her inheritance and ruin her relationship. (Idk if this belongs here, I didn't know where else to post this.)
Dad, Driving, and Girls: ?r/AskReddit u/vaultmaira 12h Garbagemen of reddit, what's the most memorable thing you've found in the trash? Discussion 10.5k 1.7k Share Award BEST COMMENTS JigglyPumpkin S. 7h My dad was doing some work at a mall and noticed e... NotShannon 11h PS3. Their kid must have dummied the CatV jack, becaus.. MemeDeli 11h A corpse that turned out to be a Halloween prop. It scared. billbapapa 10h My friend works at the recycling and garbage Center. He s... deanjarois 5.5h Not a garbage man, but my dad was before I was born He's found old fishing lures, a Bulova watch, but most importantly... My dad was the driver who had this one girl's garbage route, and every time the girl would hear the truck she'd get all the last minute garbage from the house and take it out so she could get a good look at all the garbage men. And she was interested in my dad. She even scheduled her radiography classes AROUND trash collection day, just so she'd be home. When my dad noticed the trend, he'd often switch roles with one of the guys on the back of the truck so he could take the girl's last minute garbage from her and toss it in. This went on for months. One day, the girl's father locked her out of the house and said he wouldn't let her back in until she gave her phone number to one of the garbage men. Coincidentally this was one day my dad was driving. She took the trash up to the guy on the back and she asked him, "Hey, is your driver seeing anyone?" The guy yelled to my dad "Hey Keith, are you seeing anyone?!?!" And this is how my dad found his most valuable treasure, my mom, in the garbage. They've been happily married for almost 26 years. Reply 8.7k Wholesome trash

Wholesome trash