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Ass, Ignorant, and Troll: MehGyver @AndrewNadeauo Running was invented in 1612 by Thomas Running when he tried to walk twice at the same time. 4/10/17, 3:36 PM unconvenientfox 396 Points 21h Bullshit. Runing was actually invented by R Unner in 1957 as an cheap alternative to the bycicle for poor people REPLY widdlyjscuds 168 Points 21 @unconvenientfox Wrong. Running was actually invented by S. Printer in 1842 as a way to not getting caught by the local ice REPLY unconvenientfox 83 Points 21h @widdlyjscuds thats is incorect. S. Printer only used the work of Walker B. Fast, a sailor that invented running as "the fastest way to swim in dry area". REPLY kftfggf 18 Points 19h @widdlyjscuds Wrong, S. Printer invented Ass printing technique which is currently using in offices worldwide as he was inspired by his female colleague once photocopying her ass and caught up by him in 1975 by his female nd caught up REPLY otoozbeer 24 Points 7h @kftfggf Are you troll or ignorant? Simon Printer invented ass-printing. He is talking about Samuel Printer who invented running in 19th century REPLY craygenjohnston 2 Points 5h @kapicha wrong running was invented by the first black persons to see something shiny REPLY + lenahurrdy 6 Points 5h @unconvenientfox false. Running was invented by Lance Corporal Haste Walker of the British Army in 1916 as a means to avoid German artillery barrage. The previous means of infantry movement invented by Luoen Le Quickstep during the Napoleonic wars became obsolete after Haste Walker's invention, revolutionizing warfare forever REPLY milesmtl 2 Points 3h @lenahurrdy galse. Running is the most famous contribution by women in history. It was inveted by Celerity Fäst, a german women in 1505 when she was caught out of the kitchen. As she needed to get back and make an apologiy sandwhich before her husband get the word of her escape REPLY gazeinhaze 1Point 3h @unconvenientfox this comments are gold xDd Stitch lt Comments always win