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Arguing, Bitch, and Fire: Lawful Tired Neutral Tired Chaotic Tired Lawful Stupid True Stupid Chaotic Stupid Lawful Bastard Neutral Bastard Chaotic Bastard envy-kitty: New alignment chart Lawful Tired: You’re tired but you’re going to wait for nighttime to go to bed even though it never works Neutral Tired: You’re tired and tbh you aren’t going to take it to extremes but you’ve thought about it and you take naps when you can Chaotic Tired: You’ve been tired for 50 years. You’re sleeping right fucking now. You stop doing something for two seconds and immediately nap. The house is on fire. Wake up, bitch. Lawful Stupid: You remember that one time you forgot your McDonald’s food was on the top of your car and you drove off with it on top? That. True Stupid: Ben Jerry’s grape ice cream. That one time you turned in a paper 5 days late and tried to argue that it was a misunderstanding. Chaotic Stupid: Putting your spoon in the microwave knowing full well that it would go up in flames but you needed the spoon to be hot so you could scoop ice cream easier. Lawful Bastard: You’re a bastard with a moral code. So you might not actually knock a child over but youre gonna laugh when the little shit falls over or you see it happen in a video. Neutral Bastard: You are a bastard in everything you do. Not extremely bastard, or too unbastard, but bastard enough. Your friend falls down a flight of stairs and you cackle. You run TheBootyDiaries account on tumblr. Chaotic Bastard: Bastard incarnate. You just are. Solas, Edward Elric, Meatloaf the Cat, Kirby. All bastards.