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How Experts Think Weโ€™ll Live in 2000 A.D.http://omg-humor.tumblr.com: HOW A.D. EXPERTS THINK WE'LL LIVE IN 2000 By NEWS SPECIALISTS OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS seem to be alive. The roem wil automatically be ed with the aroma ef the fower garden being shown on the screen. Radio broadeating will have disappeared, ter ne ene wil tune in program thar cannet be seen Radio wil long sinoe have reverted oa striety commanications medium, using devices sow unheard of and unthought ef ireles trantmieslon of electrie power, Jong a dream of e engl peer, will havve come into bein There will be no more power li to break in storn A simple small antenna en the rof wrl plek p THE last half of the 20th Century dawns with fantastie promises shining through dark elouds. Amid war and rumors ef war, new terrors grip the world. but hopes and dreams ef the future prevail The year 2000 looma nearer in the accelerating pace of modern life thban 1950 ever eould have seemed at the begin- ning of this century. Yt the past fortels the future and present trenda point the way, many millions of persont alive today will live to see peace, proiperity, health, longer life, more leisure and greater luxuries than ever were known. A woman may be President! These are some of the rewards envisaged for the vear 2000| by Associated Press experts looking ahead. Here is how they gte up prospรฉcts: The telephore will be tranaformed brem wire to radio and will be equipped wih the viauality of television. Who's en the ether end of own walking telepbenea apparate housed in a wallet-sined kit Surgery wil be facilitated by a comblsatien of the X-ray and televialen Eleetronie appendectomies will be performed with an X-ray-TV camera, peodection sereen and electrie nives"-e latter aetually being electrodes funetioning without puneturing the skin. WORLD AFFAIRS: Price of Peace MOVIES: Fourth Dimension Views STUDENTS et bistery in the year 2000 wi probably Jook back en the 20th century as the era of blood and meney. Blood because the eanh will still be reeking frem the third world war. Moser, representing the materlal reseurees of the western world, because it wii have outwelghed the untullled promises ed Russian Imperiallacie Cammunis in enibying the world, or at least will be SOME mose theaters af AD. 2000 may be dome-shaped with celling and walls arching together ice the sky. These surtaces would be the "reen" Mast action would still be in front ef you, as bow. But rome could be everhead some at the sides, and some even on the wal bebind. A litle giri eps lea street in the action betare you-and you turn around and look behind you to see if an uto la coming Three-dimensional photography i likely-e kind of pietures- with-depth that parior stereonoepes used to eder. Almost al movies will be in color. People wil still laugh and ery at the same thing. Sex and westerns eil s be with us Telernion's intuence will be temeo. Industry leaders like Cecil 8. DeMie and Dere Schary ceutlously peediet aarriage" of Elms and TV, Seme think televisisn will k oaly naller theaters Bat af there's a gyten whereby viewers can be charped fer parler vidro pietures, others say, therei be no theaters let . More importatly, but bearing oa both, will be the recognition that a Dew world unitying power-the Uaited Sutes-wili bave taken its plate is the center of international afalrs: forgleg a new "emplse," differeet trem Britain's, difecent frem Rome's, ndeed not an empire at all is the old ese, but neverthe new eore, a ne catalytie force. This central pesltlon of the United States will gruw out of its aireads-demenatrated willingess to base ite relations with ether nationa on a community et iaterest; out of its capabilities for lending ald te the underdeveloped out ef is refusal sa divide the world after World War II, into spheres of induesce for the benedt of the i ereat powers The Third World War-baring sucha mirecle as has never yet eecurred in relations between coustries se greatly at edds-will pow eut of Rusia's exaetty opposte attempts so unity the world by farce By the year 2000 seme set af weeld tederatioa idea should hare taken real form with the United States. because of its commereial interest in the development of other landa, becawe of the bloed it wil bave shed ia their behalt holding a let of vote. AGRICULTURE: A Golden Age AGOLDEN age of agrieulture-providing greater econemle seratty for farmers and better eating for eonsumes-may becotea major aorompliahment of the last hall ef the 2kh century. remarkable progress made in apriculture during the first half of the century. At the start of the cesery it reguired the efforts of twe anhs of the nation's population to pply the demand for farm pred- uets. Todayat the centery's halt-wiy mark-it takes only ane-nh of the populatien Whit has made it possible bas been largely the wark of seience- new and better farm machinery and blelogy. Foreseeing a national population of 200,000.000 by the end of the cenbury, these eaders prediet les than one-tenth of the peogle wl be needed to supply marketu fe tarm producta. Through the extended use of better plants and animals, tmpeeved tertiliaers, new gowth regulators and mete effeient machinety, abould be poible, Jeadets y. fer fermers te produce tutue aop seeds on mueh leas tand than today. . A major byproduct ofthe expected seed fer fewer farmers a Ser possible new siestide develegmenta, leaders say, should be peaier ability to stabilise agricultural production and supplies at Jevels whieh weuld provide and maintain greater security fer those SCIENCE: A Man-Made Planet THE Sest ma-made t will be crelleg around e earth by the I year 2000. Thls star's gat will be ike that ef the moon, tetected sunshine, wil be visib befere sunrise and after sunset it will eirele 400 to B00 miles way teom earth, or postibly farther. This little planet is kely bo be te frst of the space ships, because there are a lot of peactical reaons ter buding , regardles od the tuture ef iaterplanetary travel. It will be the aose of a step-cocket. . ene which fires ia seetions each part dropplag off o all back o earth. เฆ• until the fisal piece attains the speed et seven miles a second. At that veloeity the end piece will not fal bek, but will beceme a satellite el erth. p Practicul s are nueres One is a radar beacon Apother to retect radio signals, fer seieaite study. Three of these small ships. high enough and evenly speced areund the earth might betome relays to serve the entire woeld with televtsion The first ship is ualikety te be imanned. Dut it may get pewer 1apura from the n heat e drive electrenie equipment tindeftnitely. a on the Jand POLITICS: Freedom Will Survive be nelghaors of everyene else on earth, to whem we wih to be beishborly. The atomie age should be getting under way. Atomie power wil broome usetut in these areas where coad nd ell are expensive and where wateE pewer la not available LJOW will this land of eurs be governed in 0 yeact Much as today, perhapswith we parties contending agalnst AG ** each sther and wiihin themaelves, with the people free to choone belween them, with the wianer presured from all sides yet earbed d euided beA pOttan tle changed sinee George Wahington's that the drat problem will le survivd ot "und one-the initia day And yes it is easy to sesce ourselves with other posbanies Some see us รฉridhing toward the all-powertul state, hulled by the veet sound ef "seurity." Seme seea need to curb eur freedom Jest it be used te ahield those whe plot againat . And some fear our treedon will be hand to save if a general wAr theuld come What then? , A military ฤ‘ietatership te restore the natioa's bedy, It not ita soul from the ravages of atomie attack? Some port of Fareism? Or, in the ECONOMICS: New Living Standards THIS symposium is writen by the folloving specialista tck I of The Assoeiated Press: J. M. Roberts, Jr, foreign THE natian's industrial and agrleultural plant wil be able te sup- affairs: Howard W. Blakeslee, slence: Sam Dawson I port 300 millien persana 0 years from nowtvice the psent econemies: Derothy Ree, women: Alexander George. AVIATION: Foolproof Flving pupulation. Lasd ew ungroduetive will be made to yield. Selence population; James J. Strebig, aviafion: David G. Bareuther will stendily inrease erep produetion per acre. Technslogiral, indu- trial and eeonomie advances will give the American people living movies: Ovid A. Martin, agriculture: Ed Creagh, politica standards eigt times as high as cew. Dr. Hareld G Moulton, president ef the Brookings Institutien, In his book, "Contesiling Factors in Economie Development," predicta that in the ext century thbe nation's expenditure tor food wi be eight times what it s new. construction: C.E Butterfield, teievision: Gene Handsaker.CIVL aviatien in AD. 2000 will be aceepted by the publie as readily as mid-century's automobile and train. Fight will have the precision ef coetrel found in ground vehieles name of Svcialiam, some mild or streng contrel of what we de; diree and shold be mere independeni of surtsce weaiher contitin Pilet- lives here, big red Thou-Shail-Nor theret ing will be as simple as drivinga shities car aind ringed with safe ards to reduce human erer. Safety will be areater in commercial. air tranaportation than in any ef today's trwvel methods Atomle engines for large eivil airerali will do away with the prob ve oome threugh-tree. Seme fear the werst. And yet We've feared the weest, while boping for the best, ever since we bave bees a nation, We've come through wars and depeeasiora. And The otal espended cach year tor housing wit be times the MEDICINE: A Longer Life Span 20 times more, and fer reereation and travel 33 times more. *Tehnical ivanoen will be well datributed threughout thie ecen-VI et women to an expectation of nearly 80 and of men te over 15 t emy. For esample, a housewite may use an electrenie stove and prepare reast bDeef in lea time than it takes to set the table ered. Cancer is a lerm of growth. It is part of metabolian. Cence r Other eeenemuta ree with Dr. Moalton The Twentleth Century growth, nathing is now knawn. Metaboliam ia net sech complete detue tra Air mail and high priorily carge ate likely to move Tund, Jooking end only 10 years, feresees an Amerlcan population mystery. but is cemplex. Mest of the choeale diseases, except infee-woth faster, iveling in pilstiens misiles controlled frem pround of 153 millien (a coraervative estimate) whe, eonsumers, will be tiens eaused by gerins and vtruset, are based on metabolian puneations spending a0 iltion dollars a year. Hy 10, they prediet, the natilon wrong all be putting S bition dollars annually Into additienal capital Greath, metaboliam and eaneer studies will make the drst break wii end mid-century's strupele with ciant sirportt, Combinationa trend in the ancend halt et the century, poods, for further expansion of the industrial plant . tar apparel 26 mes mere: for bealth and edacation et women e an expectation of nearly 0 and of mes te ever 15 comsiaed with electrenie eges in the planes, mperise eahin preemay need to preve-to bold the eoue we thooan. urisation. new strustual desigas and miterial and eomplete aircraft The record will be better ir the cause and eure uf eancer is diiscovanti-icing will eliminate weather facters la sehedule. Cruising speeds of 1,000 miles an heor or bigber are probable for . TIERE every reason te believe that the steady growth of ergan laed aber in the fest half of 1950 will continue along the same New principles of lin and developmet ot denign already begun inte clearing another mystery. the causes ef aging After that is et rotating and fred wings nd conveational aireraft with bigh lit Jonown it will be possible to control sging e that elderly penona ill helinepters can eliminate long runwys be healthy to nearty the end of their ver Hepe is very geed for restrieting eancer's atark befere mee will provide doer-to-deer air freight servion. Laber developed to where it is teday trsm praetically nothing at Detachable fuelages, interchangmble between types ef airerafi, The various elements and eliques aking up the American ecobomy -labor is jast ene of them-are learning more and more that the sational security and well-being requires them s emala strong WOMEN: For President! rk, sut t or aing . or it Row appears that canoera sot om aa uta e-piates have been pertected. Iational eeurity and well-being reaulres them s emain ter The poeveation ef baldnes depende on atuies of growth, aging nd will be preparing for inberplanelary expiorationa, ung melhoda So as laber coms closer to reaching materity it a likely to win greater acceptance trom otber elements et American lite. Ts in seld would tend le eliminate, some of the great labor-management THE womana at the vtar 000 wi he an outsige DianL, Anthre- 1 pologists and beauty experts predict, She will be more than silx teet tall weara sie 11 aboe, bave thouldeis te a sracer a muscles ikea truck driver Chances are ahe will be doinga mas's job, and for this reaaon wl Civilian scientists will have bepun their atudy of the euter space and work ngether. and death more an en any other now known tacne. Public health will inprove, especially the knoviedge of hew air ay ungentood in Ma-eenry. . .. atruggles sad ereate a smoether-working American team. From every indication laber is in polities to stay. peobably playing ia the way. She probably wil wear the mest funetional, clethen in ing as water and food were during the fast half of this century CONSTRUCTION: Push-Button Home expanding role a the years progres By the end of the cestur in the way. She probably wil wear the mest funetienal elethes in fare 2000, the ale probably wilt be made as safe tros disease apread Slack probably will be her unual workaday eostune. These will Surgery, which har bees the futest-meving side af medical be of synthesie er, treated to keep her warm la winter and eoel ee, will y 1000, be able to repair bodies damaged by diseas. byCURRENT trends are already skethlng bluepelsts ef what will be countrieR in summer, admit the benadcial ultra-violet rays and keep out heidents er by heredity o that the "lame and te hall will nearly burning ones. They will be light welght and equpped with pocketa diappear. Polie probably will be stopped wel befare 2000. for food eapsules, which she will eat inatead ot mest and potatoes. Her prepertions will be perfect, though Amaaonian, becuse scienoe wi ave perfected a Salanced ration ef itamina, protelas AlR WAR: New Terrors Ahead labor may have ile owa party, asa the cane in several European 'aa good bet, toa, that by the end of the century many gevers alled modera in homes, apartmens and offce buildings at thel men pian Diw svaided as farms of selallam will be accepted se end of this century. Signs polat to vertieal eities and tying suburbs iule airport eommunities 100 miles nd more trom srsctAper clua mannplace. Who in 1s00 thought that by mid-centary there would . .. elus-be govenmentereralated peniona and a wark werk inited to People w ive in houses o autoatie that pash-buttens witl be bourst A minimn wage, culd laber curt and uaemplayment ec replaced by fnaertip and even voloe coatrola. Some people today ea e lell your childres not te be urprised it the yesr 1000 dade puh bedide auston to eloseawindowrother oa co . So penuationt and minerals that will produre the maximum bodily effileney, the minimum of faL She will go la for all kinds of sports-peobatty will eompete with SPACE will reglace speed asir wars big problea befare the worla the iinehen. Tomerew such dhores wil be done by the warn puha bedside bunton to close a windowanother to Start ootee 10-hour werk week dved by law, of 5 er even rockets inte the year 2000. 1yourfingertipR, s elevaters are summaned now a seine ed the newest Sel be in on all he bigevel groupe of Anance, basibes and Distance between poina should have disapprared a an element fce buildings-or by a mere whiper in the intereom phone Distance between poinns should hace disappeared as an elementee buildinger by Ter whiper in the tercom phone et mitag planing Optimum penda p o the called reape Rigd sning in smal towns will insur yards. ardens d tees EDUCATION: More College Grads gvernament. She may even be president. rpeed" of 2000 miles an hour, at which a ying ebject would out for ech heuse, where window walls will siip down in stets te merge et the earth's gravitational pull, will be available. Space for maneuutdees with indoors in favorable weather, City dwellers wi bask vering will be an impartant factor, and scientiste will be striving for on individual baloenies high above the treteps of parks surreunding ON THE basla of present trenda edueatien wi pand aleng e better contrel periit use ef top speeds Leag-range mittary thinkers speak new in terms of some newer tained at censtant comfortable levels the year-round fer haman ett- POPULATION: Growth Will Slow tievator apartment heue A bomes bare temperatire main- follewing lines te Radio and talevisos wl be eommee iastrumsnis of tesching Ce E nat harting predim etation, atmeugberie decimposition or seme per guler ien dvazapes will stage a comebark bene of the demend for pre Juni, camuniny eng be pepeetive A ew cencept et financial suppert for education wil mate. t mae s per eent ot tha taboN BReA, Wi fedaral Edueational reaearch for and en behalf of chldren wl be recog- be intercontinental serapera almost as fezible as dhanges in partitions in exiuting efioe alted te be as lanportant as research desigmed to improve the qualio in 1800 te 130.00,000 in 1830, may not double galn in the nat simpler, cheaper, universally available, inexhautible. It may be solar ertan wil cool houses in the same pree mium space atorded by light and airy tower feces, Bet dew eion studenta igh schools now are Space platform. sent out from enrth, will end mid-omtury's buildings wil exeed 50 stories or so-the ecenomic height ceated es moterials m be resdile eretshet that far ahead t ay reach 200000.000 befere the end of the centaryron curtala" era by beinging the estre gobe under condtant s ievator app velllance The 5.000-mile range'interoontinestal atmospherie missile will be cated te make the eonstruction ee replacement et homes or sky and wi keep on increasing well into the 1ist centary. ile population dbled e last ha and i0. Betwenin service long befare 00 AD. There ikely w of bacon, com, sdlence, engineering and technologgy. One-roo rural schoola will be practically non-tlatent. A twelve ronsha promam wi take shape in achoelr to ceordinate ia And eut of school learning Camping and other rereational activities will be ncluded. Greater emphasis will be placed upon selesce and mathematies as Fipled the pre cadnunled ballistie miss, capable of being shot eut ed the atmosphere and buildings 10 and 1850, had mere than Three shis US population uhat have been tremendous in the descending metee-ike en a targL pan 0 years are expected to keep going atrong These are Movement of peeple from farms to town migration frem the have been developed to extreme senaitivity. They will be lnched Guided miiles to seek tergets in fight er en the greund will patral airert le so stay alah as ang as shipn TELEVISION: Walkie-Talkie-Seeing furter stimalated r indutrial prodarsieede altak er the next century will be as elatiuely unstoonahle t he d of he Be oentury that a smal devie wndertanding and ving ia a ny eaial center ef the country ta barder staies. partieudarly be Pacite coast trom contina t and the Seuth, and the movement of city dwellers to the suburba stay at sea Elecronie eyes wil eliminate errors in detection and min THIRD digesianat eoles tededes i Deeded for he sew, long-range defenae prngram and by farm mechaniaatlo Woeational educstinn e Teetiveness of sirborne weapons will have beeseme sachlwill peoject pletures en the living ruem wall so realistie they will be greatlr entended as today. E How Experts Think Weโ€™ll Live in 2000 A.D.http://omg-humor.tumblr.com