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Adele, Ariana Grande, and Beyonce: Where y'all want to put Rihanna. Eric" calls this area"Upper Echelon Can't Sing Where I'm arguing Rihanna belongs. Ariana Grande Whitney Houston Aretha Franklin Anita Baker Mariah Carey Beyonce Patti Labelle Jazmine Sullivan KeKe Wyat Keri Hilson SZA Ciara ill Scott Solange Monica Alicia Keys after the braids Fantasla Brandy Cassie Diana Ross lol Kehlani Taylor Swift Tamia Janet Jackson Jhene Aiko Britney Spears Adele (sometimes) Kelis Erica Mena Can "SANG" Can Sing Can Not beyonslayed: c-bassmeow: beyonslayed: c-bassmeow: florencelovesyou: beyonslayed: p-l-e-a-s-e wow Velvety Kelis behind Janet Whispering-Mouse Jackson?  Adele Brandy (vocally) wtf  Cassie, although I love her, should be dead last. Name me one song where she holds a note longer than two milliseconds. CANT Adele WHO????????? I don’t even like Adele but i have ears that work and Brandy’s delicate flower petal voice would collapse under the pressure of Rolling In the Deep SORRY  Brandy Norwood who was trained by and is only second to Whitney Houston herself would collapse under who? Yawndele has nowhere near the control that Brandy does ok now this convo is going to change. Second to whitney houston? so you’re saying that Brandy is better then Beyonce and Mariah Carey?!?!?!? WHAT ?!?!?! am I reading things correctly do words have meaning i had a stroke is this sarcasm help me 

beyonslayed: c-bassmeow: beyonslayed: c-bassmeow: florencelovesyou: beyonslayed: p-l-e-a-s-e wow Velvety Kelis behind Janet Whispering...

Advice, Crying, and Deer: I AT&T LTE 8:57 PM 10 85%.. l AT&T LTE 8:56 PM 85% Yester at 7:30 PM . mins This baby has been living under my back porch for several days now. She has obviously been badly abused, I can not get her to come to me. I feed and water her several times daily hoping to gain her trust. When we do catch her out in the yard I can see every rib but she runs back under the porch as soon as we try to get her to come to us. With the belo... See More Happy News!!! Today after work I went to tractor supply to buy a heat light for our new dog friend. As I was headed to the register to pay a man noticed what I was carrying and asked if I had chickens, I replied yes and he asked me how I planned on keeping them warm during the freezing temps that are on the way. He mentioned he had chickens and turkeys and we talked a bit. I then proceeded to tell him why I was buying the heat lights. He said awe, "my dog ran away around Thanksgiving, she was chasing some deer and never returned but her mom and sister did" I said "awe, I'm sorry to hear that". He asked what kind of dog and when I told him he said "oh my goodness, is she tan and white and blind in one eye?" I said "yes!". I showed him a picture and he started crying, he said "that's my Alana!". I could not believe it!!! He followed me home and when he said her name, she immediately looked up! I am so happy she was returned to her owner!! As I have reflected over this my heart is over joyed What perfect timing! And I was humbled in my assumption that she was abused...this poor baby has been away from home for almost 3 months, hungry, lost and scared...of course she would look worse for wear. Thank you all for all your advice and kind words!!! You and 30 others 16 Comments Oo Oo One of my wife’s friends posted this, what awesome luck!

One of my wife’s friends posted this, what awesome luck!

Life, Saw, and Steam: fandomsandfeminism There is a phrase used to describe people, often strangers, as "ships passing in the night." The phrase is meant to describe how fleeting the intersection of two lives can be, how briefly people we don't know can flicker in and out of our lives. But when I read about the Titanic, I think we can push the phrase further. Because sometimes, as you pass another ship in the night, you may hear a cry in the dark. A person in danger. A shout for help. Distress rockets and SOS signals wailing into the night. A stranger in crisis. And in those fleeting moments as your ship passes theirs, you get to make the choice- are you the Californian, the closest ship to the Titanic, which saw the distress rockets and saw the lights on the horizon and sat and did nothing; or are you the Carpathia, turning on a dime, pushing all steam to the engines, racing to help? We can not say for sure what caused the Californian to not help the Titanic in that night of crisis. Whether is was apathy or incompetence or fear, we don't knovw But we know that every single soul who survived the Titanic survived because of the Carpathia. Because the crew and the passengers of that ship raced nearly 60 miles through ice fields above their maximum speed in the dead of night, readying life boats, readying triage, to pull them from the water. So, yes, we are ships passing in the night, and when given the chance to turn away or do good, always err on the side of reckless compassion. concept: bystanders should be called californians.

concept: bystanders should be called californians.