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Let’s play spot everything wrong with my planner: Happydays& 2019 St.Jean Baptiste Day(Quebed. Canada Day(Canada.. Independence Day.. Workaholics Day Lce Cream Day... Girlfriend's Day.. Sisters' Day.... Civic Holiday(Canada). Book Loves Day.. (Eid) al Adha begins at sundown.. Thrift Shop Day.. First of Muharram begins at sundown. TUE JAN 1 2019 SUN ANC SUN JAN 13 New Year's Day.. Make Your Dreams Come True Day.. Popcorn Day... Martin Luther King Jr. Da.. Handwriting Day Compliment Day.. Constitution Day{Mexico). WAN 331 SAT JAN 19 THJ MON JAN 21 New Year FRI 3AS WED JAN 23 Make Yo SUN 33 21 THU JAN 24 Popcorm THJ AUG MON FEB 4 Martin SUN AUG4 TUE FEB 5 Handw NON AUGS MON FEB 11 Chinese New Year... Compl FRI AUG Make a Friend Day.. Valentine's Day... THU FEB 14 Chines SUN AUG 11 SUN FEB 17 Random Act of Kindness Day.. Presidents' Day... Const SAT AUG 11 MON FEB 18 Make STA AUG 3 SUN FEB 24 Labor Day.. . Flag Day(Mexico). World Compliment Day.. Ash Wednesday... Daylight Saving Time begins. Eastern Orthodox Lent begins St. Patrick's Day... NON SEP2 Valent MAR 1 FRI Read a Book Day... FRI SEP 6 Presic WED MAR 6 Grandparents Day.. Ashura begins at sundown.. SUN SEP SUN MAR 10 Rand MON SEP 9 MON MAR 11 Flag Patriot Day... Positive Thinking Day... WED SEPT SUN MAR 17 Ash FRI SEP 13 MON MAR 18 Independence Day(Mexico). Love Note Day..... Wor Benito Juarez's Birthday observed (Mexico.. MON SEP 16 WED MAR 20 Purim begins at sundown... Puppy Day... Waffle Day Siblings Day.. Grilled Cheese Day.. Palm Sunday. Good Friday.. East JHU SEP 26 .SAT MAR 23 Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown. Day SUN SEP 29 MON MAR 25 International Coffee Day.... Yom Kippur begins at sundown.. Day of the Race(Mexico).. Columbus Day.... Thank giving(Canada). National Bosses Day.... United Nations Day.. Pur WED APR 10 TUE OCT 1 APR 12 JUE OCT8 FRI Ben STA OCT 12 SUN APR 14 St. APR 19 MAN OCT 14 FRI Pu APR 19 FRI MON OCT14 W Passover begins at sundown.. SUN APR 21 .WED OCT 16 Pc Easter... MON APR 22 THU OCT 24 Earth Day.. P Halloween.. MON APR 22 THU OCT 31 Easter Monday(Canada.. Administrative Professionals Day.. All Saints Day... WED APR 24 RE NOV1 SUN APR 28 All Souls Day... STA NOV2 Eastern Orthodox Easter.... WED MAY 1 Daylight Saving Time ends.. Election Day... SUN NOV3 May Day.. Labor Day(Mexico). National Day of Prayer. Holocaust Remembrance Da.. First of Ramadan begins at sundown. Battle of Puebla Day (Mexico).. Mother's Day(Mexico). WED MAY 1 .TUE NOV5 THU MAY 2 Forget Me Not Day.. Veterans Day... Remembrance Day(Canada). Revolution Day(Mexico).. Thanks giving.. Wear Brown Shoes Day.. Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.. Letter Writing Day... Virgin of Guadalupe(Mexico). Ugly Sweater Day... Hanukkah begins at sundown.. Christmas.. Kwanzaa begins.. Boxing Day(Canada).. Thank You Note Day.. SUN NOV 10 THU MAY 2 MON NOV 11 SUN MAY 5 MON NOV 11 SUN MAY 5 .MON NOV 18 FRI MAY 10 THU MOV28 SUN MAY 12 Mother's Day... Armed Forces Day... WED DAY 4 SAT MAY 18 SAT DEC7 MON MAY 20 Victoria Day(Canada) Memorial Day... (Eid) al Fitr begins at sundown.... D-Day. Drive-in Movie Day... Best Friends Day.... SAT DEC 7 MON MAY 27 THU DEC 12 .TUE JUN 4 THU DEC 19 THU JUN 6 SUN DEC22 .THU JUN 6 . WED DEC 25 STA JUN 8 THU DEC 26 Sewing Machine Day.. Flag Day... Father's Day... THU JUN13 THU DEC 26 FRI JUN 14 THU DEC 26 SUN JUN 16 Typewriter Day... SUN A LOO Let’s play spot everything wrong with my planner

Let’s play spot everything wrong with my planner