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Front-Page Boy beats Usersub from beyond: HGE 7:46 My mom pulled out an old Daily Express from 1937 and this was on the front page. Think I may have found the unluckiest kid in the world... March 12 chester Ban VE Front-Page Boy State, when E3 080 Hoover Moore land immigration Is Front-Paged Immigrant put Moore got i paasing the and that h of a year For Last Time arrested in October 16 armed asaa The depor Daily Express Staff Reporter against him succeed in PENDLEBURY, Friday today's batt WELVE times eleven-year-old Victor Holmes, of Burton Street, Pendlebury, Lancashire, escaped Press. death. The thirteenth time death claimed him r Is as lives because of his escapes from death Victor died today in Jericho Infirmary, Bury Three times he was rescued from Years drowning in a lake near his home; he was injured when trapped in the wheels of a farm cart. Margery Then he was knocked down by a EPORTS 0,055 by motor-cycle Twice yesterd house knocked down by motor-cars. mutiny ab While recovering he fell. recelving British ste more Sutcliffe When he was experimenting with Santiago, C t Annes ia tin of carbide it exploded, and It was stat Mill. Serlously burned him. Miss ATTACKED, SCALDED that several said the Then he was attacked by an Santi te, died Alsatian. Later, he was scalded Lackenby Workmen drained the lake near usband's that one o his home: Victor went to see the health killed. The seene of his three rescues. sekeeper by another erew in se en he injured his leg, Sept ght that caemua developed and for a year Mr Barker windfall, surgeons fought for his life. He was pany, Ropne intented VICTOR HOLMES something Cheated death 12 times victor became 1ll again with skipper's earli the septicaemia was taken been miscons Jericho Infirmary at Bury Today he underwent an opera Jail Escape tion, appeared to recover, relapsed Up M and died Matthew Payne, South Shields. 24-year-old housebreaker, sllpped Naval Officer unseen from the night shift Glasgow Front-Page Boy beats Usersub from beyond

Front-Page Boy beats Usersub from beyond