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You Are Pretty Smart If You Get These 23 Jokes: sppot aing In tect y BCDEF- H-K-phasphs -R-9-T-U- M--Y-and- un wty didusaphaspharcus because ts the LN ENTALP Aman aal hesefne iae beiweeea suseae anda desor Only a faction of yeu will undatand this Same peaple appreciata these jokes aore dan't wnd the cvisan is clex QUEUE IS JUSTQ FOLLOWED B 4 SILENT LETTERSA THEY ARENT SILENT THEYRE WAITING THEIR TURN bores past gery ic anoeymoua Tm aecing a et of nev faCEs in teand tha wek and thae to say m h tgented 7 Mario, what do you get when you cross an insomniac, an urwiling agnostic and a dyslexic? wish there was a Formula to make Friends. The squadratic formula DIDYOU HEAR ARDUTTHE MAN WHO GOT COOLED TO ARSOLUTE ENOP () CH'L CH HESOK Heisenberg and Schrddrger are taveling in a car and are puiled over by a cop The oticer asks Do you know how fast you were going Heisenberg repls "No, but I know where I am This arouses the officers upicion so he asks to check their unk He looks inside and asks "Are you aware thare us a dead cat in your unk?, to which Schrbdinger reples 1 do now 11 you are 412 13 eo NTTON Wesh W HOM O Or Dd ou g YODA Yp 14 Romec check out this cat video T t: omg dad Jut h Just: romo eti dct men ly ded Julet romeo 15 I put my root beer in a square cup. Now it's just beer. SCERODINCER HOWS NY CAT DOCP dinger's AuApe VET I HAVE GOOD NEWS & BAD NEWS 17 The sunber pla ia the chemical equason far Gaccas and the car is a whits Cabe THAT'S A NICE CAR, BUT.. WHERE DID MY VAN GOGH? 19 What do you get when you cross a joke and a rhetorical question? 2 MAFUNGI WHY DOESNT ANYONE LIKE MEP 21 paidays 1 my one hat was gadium unny neon thet Na No 22 AREYOUMADEOUTOF COPPER AND TELLURIUMP You Are Pretty Smart If You Get These 23 Jokes

You Are Pretty Smart If You Get These 23 Jokes