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Dad, Life, and Netflix: The year is 2012: You wake up around 7:00 and get off your bed. You don't go downstairs yet, you decide to play with your legos for a bit. After checking your youtube channel on your windows XP once (3 subscribers, 12 views) you go downstairs and say hi to your parents. They smile and pour you a bowl of cereal. You take your bowl and set it on a towel in the living room and start up your ps3. The violins play as the system starts up. You go to Netflix and wait for it to start up as well. You eat a few spoonfuls and watch the spongebob episode about caveman spongebob. After it is over, your mom tells you to come to the table, so you do (after asking to watch another episode). You get to the table and you have to do your math homework. After telling her no, and getting scolded for being rude, you finish your 5x5 multiplication table. You dash back to the ps3 and eject the Call of Duty game your dad played last night and put in little big planet two. You attempt to beat the sackbot chaim level, but you can't. You get mad and go outside and swing for five minutes. At least you think it was five minutes. You go back inside to find your dad playing CoD so you sit next to him. He looks down at you, smiles a bit, and ruffles your hair before finishing his round. You return to your room and decide to record a youtube video. You take your webcam and point it at the big CRT tv in your room, and switch on your ps2. You press play and begin to record "spongebob battle for bakini bottom ep. (episode) 8 after playing for 10 minutes, you turn off the camera and start uploading the file to youtube. Afterwards, you decide to watch thediamondminecart's new survival games episode. You eventually go downstairs to see that your parents ordered a pizza. You end up falling asleep in the living room with pizza in your lap and johnny test on the tv You feel your mom pick you up and take you to your room. Life is good