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<p>Memes booze menu.</p>: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED A double shot. Don't worry about what's in it, you probably can'T take it anyway Wimp $7 YOU CAN'T EXPLAIN THAT Crown, SoCo, EFFEN, Buileit, Redrum, bitters, and Thai chile syrup. Name says it all: $58 INCEPTION Kraken Black Spiced Rum and Sprite: a drink within a drink You'll need to go deeper S4 HIPSTER CAT An underground blend of obscure liquors and mixers you've probably never heard of. 54 HYPNOTOAD Don't stir, don't stop. Absolut, absinthe, and sod-ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD. S7 CEILING CAT A drink worthy of our kitten overliord, made with cherry and Pinnacle Whip vodkas. $8 CHARLIE SHEEN Adonis DNA, Tiger's Blood, and "cocaine; everything you need to be bi-winning $6 PEDOBEAR An X-rated Shirlie Temple. May or may not be served with loli or Chris Hansen. $5 INSANITY WOLF Dropshot of Jager and 151. May cause random acts of vidience AWESOME. $6 POWERTHIRST Win at everything foreverl Comes in Manana, Fizzbitch, Gun, and Godberry. $6 FRIDAY IS FOR FUN FUN FUN FUN... Blue raspberry vodka, a blend of juice, and 151. Where can I sit? $6 CHOCOLATE RAIN A chocolate vodka mudslide that lifts the ark of paradise in win. $10 ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US A mixed shot of Jager, absinthe, and cranberry for great justice. $7 IT'S A TRAP Prepare to retreat. We can't repel firepower of that magnitude. $2 OVER 9000! Goldschlager, Fireball, 151, and Sprite. It will break scouters. $8 BABID GAZEBO Fireball and Full Throttle. You could kill it with fire, I suppose. $5 FACEPALM Gin, sloe gin, 151, bitters. Sprite, and grapefruit juice. $4 TROLLFACE Jagermeister, root beer, and Stroh. Trolololol. $8 MEMEBASE.com <p>Memes booze menu.</p>