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Dank, Memes, and Money: [2.1] First, when the pirates demanded a ransom of twenty talents, Caesar burst out laughing They did not know, he said, who it was that they had captured, and he volunteered to pay fifty [2.2] Then, when he had sent his followers to the various cities in order to raise the money and was left with one friend and two servants among these Cilicians, about the most bloodthirsty people in the world, he treated them so highhandedly that, whenever he wanted to sleep, he would send to them and tell them to stop talking [2.3] For thirty-eight days, with the greatest unconcern, he joined in all their games and exer- cises, just as if he was their leader instead of their prisoner [2.4] He also wrote poems and speeches which he read aloud to them, and if they failed to ad- mire his work, he would call them to their faces illiterate savages, and would often laughingly threaten to have them all hanged. They were much taken with this and attributed his freedom of speech to a kind of simplicity in his character or boyish playlulness. [2.5] However, the ransom arrived from Miletus and, as soon as he had paid it and been set free, he immediately manned some ships and set sail from the harbor of Miletus against the pirates. He found them still there, lying at anchor off the island, and he captured nearly all of them. [2.6] He took their property as spoils of war and put the men themselves into the prison at Pergamon. He then went in person to [Marcus] Junius, the governorof Asia, thinking it proper that he, as praetor in charge of the province, should see to the punishment of the prisoners. [2.7] Junius, however, cast longing eyes at the money, which came to a considerable sum, and kept saying that he needed time to look into the case.Caesar paid no further attention to him. He went to Pergamon, took the pirates out of prison and crucified the lot of them, just as he had often told them he would do when he was on the island and they imagined that he was jok- ing Julius Caesar, patron saint of trolls by evil_mipmie_de MORE MEMES

Julius Caesar, patron saint of trolls by evil_mipmie_de MORE MEMES

America, Apparently, and Baked: how to tell when a bilingual character was not written by a bilingual person 101 "Hola ¿Qué pasa?" Lance said "Uh...what?" "Ah, sorry. It's hard to switch back sometimes. What's up?" He corrected gunvolt im going to have a stroke prideling Instead try Person A: You know... the thing Person B: The "thing"? Person A: Yeah, the thing with the little-! "mutters under their breath* Como es que se llama esa mierda... THE FISHING ROD artykyn As someone with multiple bilingual friends where English is not the first language, may I present to you a list of actual incidents l have witnessed .Forgot a word in Spanish, while speaking Spanish to me, but remembered it in English. Became weirdly quiet as they seemed to lose their entire sense of identity e Used a literal translation of a Russian idiomatic expression while speaking English. He actually does this quite regularly, because he somehow genuinely forgets which idioms belong to which language. It usually takes a minute of everyone staring at him in confused silence before he says ...Ah.... that must be a Russian one then...." . Had to count backwards for something. Could not count backwards in English. Counted backwards in French under her breath until she got to the number she needed, and then translated it into English. e Meant to inform her (French) parents that bread in America is baked with a lot of preservatives. Her brain was still halfway in English Mode so she used the word "préservatifes." Ended up shocking her parents with the knowledge that apparently, bread in America is full of condoms . Defined a slang term for me....... with another slang term. In the same language. Which I do not speak. . Was talking to both me and his mother in English when his mother had to revert to Russian to ask him a question about a word. He said "I don't know" and turned to me and asked "ls there an English equivalent for Нумизматический?" and it took him a solid minute to realize there was no way I would be able to answer that. Meanwhile his mom quietly chuckled behind his back . Said an expression in English but with Spanish grammar, which turned "How stressful!" into "What stressing! Bilingual characters are great but if you're going to use a linguistic blunder, you have to really understand what they actually blunder over. And it's usually 10x funnier than "Ooops it's hard to switch back. s drearncatcher37 Source gunvolt 287,537 notes May 16th, 2017 Bilingual
Books, Children, and Dating: kamorth: nerdygirlnoodles: Okay, but seriously on the topic of straight people being so overly concerned about their children being exposed to homosexuality As some of you know, I am a makeup artist in a holistic beauty boutique in a very wealthy area of eastern New York. The week before Halloween I was offering simple costume makeup designs for both adults and children. So my last client of the evening was a 15 year old girl who came in to get her makeup done for the Halloween dance at her school. I was enjoying a conversation with both the girl and her mother when suddenly the topic of transgender came up. I got a little nervous because I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when I hear people speaking negatively about these sorts of topics and as I mentioned, my store is in a very upscale, white conservative area Anyway, the girl starts telling us that her friend prefers to be a boy now. She says it very simply and comfortably and it made me happy to see her talk about it as if it was really no big deal Her mother says How does she even know what transgender is though? She's a little young to be making a decision like that. I really think the media is taking things too far with all this gay stuff. I'm not against it or anything, but didn't you just tell me two boys in your class are dating too? The girl said that yes, two boys she knew were dating and another boy she knew was gay also. (And she also corrected the pronouns her mother used for her friend) nl don't mind that she knows that homosexuality is," the mother said But I don't think it should be taught at such a young age. Did you know it's on Disney channel now? It took me a moment to respond, I just kept painting the girl's face until I could figure out what I wanted to say, Well," I said. "We tend to teach heterosexuality literally from the time a child is born. Most children's books and movies are even centered around a romance of some kind like a Prince and a Princess for example. There's rarely a children's movie that comes out where the main male and female character don't end up marrying each other in the end. If we don't have a problem flooding our children's minds with heterosexuality from the time they are able to sit up and watch a movie on their own, what is so wrong with showing them two boys or two girls being in love? We aren't showing them sex. We aren't showing them anything inappropriate. Since when is love inappropriate? If we show them love in all it's forms (be it gay or straight) from an early age, they will see that it's all perfectly normal and natural and maybe we can finally put homophobic the past.." The woman considered this for a second and then said "I just feel like they see it and then they start to think that they might be too And maybe they are. But isn't it better for them to know that it's okay? They aren't hurting anyone." Then the girl said. "No ones going around just thinking they are gay because they know what gay is, mom. I know what a chicken is, that doesn't mean I'm going to wake up tomorrow and start clucking." I loved this kid. I hope she does well in all of her endeavors I'm not going to wake up tomorrow and start clucking Teach them well and let them lead the way.

Teach them well and let them lead the way.

Alive, Bailey Jay, and Children: judgmental gay @judgmentalgay Following who knew sesame street would fucking snatch 2017 Sesame Street @sesamestreet SESAME STREET We're excited to announce a new friend joining us on Sesame Street! She's Julia, a 4-year-old with autism! #SeeAmazing 1:20 ll. 10:02 AM 20 Mar 17 Vibe Magazine @VibeMagazine @sesamestreet introduces a new Muppet who has a father in jail: at.vibe.com/OoVqMp 1:15 PM 22 Mar 17 Sesame Street Announces New Transgender Character BY CHIP DAY | 2 COMMENTS 640 39 New Sesame Street Transgender Character Rabbit Brunny. via wikicommons Pimvantend RETWEETS LIKES 2,200 4,176 thingsstingshouldsing: thomasmwilson: strawberrymacaronexplosion: nightguardmod: luidilovins: hustleinatrap: it’s sad that puppets are more accepting than people… LET 👏 ERNIE 👏 AND 👏 BERT 👏 TIE 👏 THE 👏 KNOT 👏 THEY 👏 HAVE 👏 A 👏 MORE 👏 ONGOING 👏 STABLE 👏 RELATIONSHIP 👏 THAN 👏 MOST 👏 OF 👏 US 👏 Y’all joke about it, but let me tell you a story: See, back in ‘94 (yeah, you youngins), our sociology teacher mentioned that today was the 25th anniversary of Sesame Street. And he proceeded to tell a story. See, he was in kindergarten when Sesame Street first aired, and he saw the first episode, live, with his classmates. He described the experience of seeing this for the first time as incredible. The entire class loved it. The next day, however, the teacher announced that they could no longer show it, due to some people upset that it showed interracial friendships, of kids of different ethnicities playing together. Keep in mind that this show was only two years after laws banning interracial marriages were overturned. So yeah. They’ve been doing the right thing before many of us here were even alive. They also handled death better than pretty much any show ever. I remember when Mr Hooper died. Well, really the actor playing him died. They could have written around it or ignored it, but they didn’t. They did a whole show about death and grief, and it was moving and completely perfect. And it pissed people off because it was a kids show and I guess some people think kid shows should be happy all the time. Sesame street is the best show. I would have said so at 5, and I still say so as a childfree 35 year old. Children’s media should respect the intelligence of their audience and Sesame Street won’t flinch from that. This is all so true, which makes it even worse that new episodes of Sesame Street are effectively behind a 6 month paywall.
Fall, Lgbt, and Love: shiraglassman: the-aila-test:  Does It Pass The Aila Test? We all know the rules of The Bechdel Test. In recent years, fans of more feminist-friendly films have included their own character tests, like The Mako Mori Test, The Furiosa Test, The Sexy Lamp Test, the list goes on. While these are all helpful (though comical) tools feminists have used to criticize media narratives, very few of them seem to empower or apply when viewing Indigenous and Aboriginal women in media narratives / storytelling. As a Native woman, I’ve experienced disappointment and heartache from the way Native women were represented on film, television, cartoons, and other forms of media. From stereotypical “Indian princesses” to the distressing amount of physical and sexual violence in live action period pieces, it felt that a Native woman was not a character you were meant to love and root for. She was never a character you were supposed to relate to or want to be. In almost every role she’s in, she cannot exist without being a prop for another character’s story, and if she has a “happy ending,” it’s usually in the arms of a white colonist or settler. I’ve created the Aila Test to bring my own concerns to the table when feminists criticize media. Not only should these issues be analyzed and addressed, but content creators who write about Indigenous / Aboriginal women should consider writing characters who pass this test. We need them now, more than ever. To pass the Aila Test, your film / animation / comic book / novel / etc, must abide by these three important rules: 1. Is she an Indigenous / Aboriginal woman who is a main character… 2. Who  DOES NOT fall in love with a white man… 3. And DOES NOT end up raped or murdered at any point in the story. Do you know characters that pass the Aila Test? Please submit them to this page! I found one! It’s only sixteen pages long, but “Né łe” by Darcie Little Badger is a short sci-fi romance between two Native American women…. in space… surrounded by forty-one puppies. It’s part of an LGBT Native collection called Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time and I reviewed just the story by itself here.

shiraglassman: the-aila-test:  Does It Pass The Aila Test? We all know the rules of The Bechdel Test. In recent years, fans of more femini...

Advice, Anaconda, and Bad: somuchforthetolerantleft: straightwhiteboyproblems: one of the reasons why I did straight white boy problems was because I wanted to grow as a person. This blog was my medium and I pushed myself to create, and to create, I had to expand my perspectives.  In some ways, the straight white boy character that you became acquainted with was an exaggerated version of myself. Many of the problems were real life occurrences/observations/events that I drew from personal experience, but some problems also came from friends or were satirized to the point where the anecdote was unrealistic. Straight White Boy Problem #965 is honestly one of my personal favorites because this “problem” was actually a real situation in my life, and this situation could apply for several dudes that are questioning the meaning of masculinity. The person that started at problem #1 is not the same person that finished with problem #1000. I was very much a self-entitled brat when I started this blog, but i have grown since then. I will be graduating college in december with a dual degree, leadership positions in student organizations, and the confidence that I can go out and do anything I set my mind to. having a level of internet popularity (this blog finished with just over 164k followers) on a medium such as tumblr is very scary. one bad move, and you lose your rep - we have seen that with zubat, pizza, and most recently, sixpenceee. my advice to yall is to keep holding people in these positions accountable, but NEVER elevate internet famous people above other people. not everything i said over 3 years was 100% politically correct, but when i was in the wrong, i had fair and jovial conversations with people to figure out why i was in the wrong. no matter where you go in life, try to treat everybody fairly and equally - hopefully they will do the same to you.  as for my name, you can call me alec. i did promise i’d tell you guys who i was after everything was said and done so there ya go. thank you for following this blog and thank you for being a part of this experience. this blog was a giant, beautiful mistake that just kinda happened and im happy that yall enjoyed it as much as i did. i may do something in the future, i may not, but i leave this blog a changed and better person. sincerely, swbp swbp actually being a straight white boy is imo the biggest plot twist of the year Anyways who like dick?
Tumblr, Blog, and Girl: Got Hugged by a Girl 56,523 views rum: deadjosey: masterhationsreblogbin: blueguydoescrap: Update: he’s a different man now character development climax achieved

rum: deadjosey: masterhationsreblogbin: blueguydoescrap: Update: he’s a different man now character development climax achieved

Drunk, Facts, and Life: narwhalsarefalling fun fact im weirdly knowlagable in the history of soda i dont even drink soda why do i know so much about it narwhalsarefalling coke and pepsi taste different because coke was invent before refrigeration so it was designed to be drunk warm, while pepsi was designed after refrigeration was invented so it was designed to be drunk cold. as a result the tastes are different but if you drink pepsi cold and coke warm theyll taste the same lam-baka Why the fuck do you know this narwhalsarefalling i honestly have no idea coke's recipe was originally green but the designers made it brown so it looked more like tea squirrelstone Had they never seen green tea? narwhalsarefalling i dont even know if green tea was invented in 1886 but they wanted to make the public more open to eating the fizzy drink transcoranic Green tea was invented in the 13th century and made up 22% of the tea thrown off the ship in the Boston Tea Party narwhalsarefalling alan i know about soda not green tea cheap-pink-mints i will trade u information abt bees and carrier pigeons for information abt the history of soda narwhalsarefalling no one knows where the origin of the name 7up' started but it did have a mood stabilizer in the original recipe found in present day anti-depressants i want facts about bees and carrier pigeons now cheap-pink-mints Carrier pigeons come from a species of Wild Rock pigeon, and their flights could be as long as 1800 km and were used as early as 3000 years ago You know in old cartoons where a character throws a beehive at someone, and you think 'lol, but that wouldn't work in real life'. Turns out it would, and did. People used to lob beehives at the approximate location of the enemy forces to expose them narwhalsarefalling this is amazing thank you Source: narwhalsarefalling 130 699 notes More ike this at FUNsubstance.com alan i know about soda not green tea