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That weird kid from Nazareth: E secifosseluce as much as the concept of Jesus being a fairly normal lad has its charms, im personally very intrigued by the idea of him being just... extremely weird. not even in a mystical sense, just..staggeringly BIZZARRE. you go to the well to get some water, and here's Miriam's boy, staring at the sky, completely still. his expression is unreadable. you hazard a hello and ask how he's doing, and he slowly, unblinkingly, lowers his gaze on you (he's 8 and is missing his frontal teeth, not that this is making you any less uncomfortable) and says "I cannot speak of the state of my being, Nathan son of Saul, my brother, but rejoice for the water you shall take today will be as pure as the soul of the children of Heaven" -you start sweating secifosseluce normal person in 1st century Nazareth: making my way downtown, walking fast *sees J boy, 8 yo, staring at you from across the street* normal person: walking faster secifosseluce even funnier, the only person 100% on board with his Prophetic Kid Talk is his mother Miriam, an otherwise placid, absolutely normal woman around 25 or so kid JC, coming home at twilight, a single white dove following him and chirping with weirdly human-like precision: motheri have broúghtyou a dove made of člay and gifted it with the mifâcle of life Miriam: ! that's my little boy :) now let's go get ready for dinner :) her husband Yosef, a carpenter who only marginally got signed up for this: Source:secifosseluce #religion 176,547 notes That weird kid from Nazareth

That weird kid from Nazareth