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Af, Be Like, and Bless Up: Retired therapy dog gets a kitten for christmas. Pic: reddit u/lizcomp @DrSmashlove So last week I posted an adorable pup that was a doggo-coyote mix. Obviously that precipitated a lot of bewildered comments from my beloved followers: “hold up...dogs and coyotes mix?” Now I ain’t think much about it at the time, but upon further reflection...DOGS AND COYOTES (and dogs and wolves 🐺) MIX?! LIKE THESE SPECIES HAVE RELATIONS BRUV?! 😂. Imagine the type of pressure u under as a dog! Like Mr. Peter Poodle hanging at home with Mrs. Pepper Poodle and she gardening and he tending the lawn in overalls and down the street come a wolf and a coyote in a black Chrysler 300 (like them Chryslers that all the trappers drive where it look like a Bentley but really Issa Chrysler) and Mr. Walter Wolf behind the wheel in Cartier glasses, an LA Raiders cap and a leather Pelle Pelle jacket crunching jolly ranchers and holding a double styrofoam cup just pull up to the crib like “AYE PEPPER. GET IN THE WHIP, B!H.” And ol Peter just like “I’m sorry! You can’t speak to my spouse like that! Stop at once before I alert the authorities! I’ll have you know that I golf with the Chief of Police!” And Walter Wolf just hop out and tear Peter’s leg off and start eating it lmao. And he look at Peter like BOY LEMME GIVE U A LIL HISTORY LESSON. ME AND PEPPER USE TO DATE IN HIGH SCHOOL. I GOT HER CARRYING MY PUPS TOO BUT SHE WENT TO PLANNED PUPPERHOOD. SHE AIN TELL U ALL THAT DID SHE. PLUS SHE SENDING ME SNAPS WHEN U AT WORK OL “Peter from procurement” lookin a$$. FYI. PEPPER GET IN THE DAMN CAR. NONE OF THIS ARF ARF WOOF WOOF ISHT. SHE READY TO GO BACK TO A REAL BEAST.” And Walter just throw Peter’s leg on the ground and be like “I’LL BRING HER BACK WHEN I’M DONE.” Smfh. Animal kingdom wil af. Thank God I ain’t gotta deal with an uber-species of trained killers coming for my ladies. To quote Gucci Mane...sh!t shkressful Bruh 😫 BLESS UP 😂😂😂
America, Anaconda, and Isis: When your GDP growth is higher than anyone expected, ISIS is on the run, the stock market is skyrocketing, and China is cooperating with you against North Korea, but the media still says your presidency is a failure. Despite historic Democrat obstructionism, President Trump has worked with Congress to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any President since Truman, appointed a Supreme Court Justice, withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, dismantling Obama-Era Regulations, President Trump Has Reduced The Debt By Over $100 Billion, Illegal crossings from border down 61%, Stock market has gained over 3 trillion dollars since he was electedBest numbers from small businesses since 1984, Saved jobs from going overseas such as intel, wal-mart, exxon mobil, carrier, ford, general motors, fiat chrysler, sprint, one web, and softbank. Trump has also created over 1 million private sector jobs since january more than any other president liberal maga conservative constitution like follow presidenttrump resist stupidliberals merica america stupiddemocrats donaldtrump trump2016 patriot trump yeeyee presidentdonaldtrump draintheswamp makeamericagreatagain trumptrain triggered Partners --------------------- @too_savage_for_democrats🐍 @raised_right_🐘 @conservativemovement🎯 @millennial_republicans🇺🇸 @conservative.nation1776😎 @floridaconservatives🌴

Despite historic Democrat obstructionism, President Trump has worked with Congress to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any P...