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There's plenty more where this came from.: Why do I say that the kind of girl I am looking for is "Impossible" despite the fact that there are overwhelming signs of a relationship within the near future of mine? I'll try to explain what I'm looking for in simple "shipping" terms so that people could at least come close to understanding what I'm looking for... I'm looking for a relationship like The Doctor and Clara Oswald, mixed with a ride-or-die like Bonnie and Clyde, and I do mean exactly like them, because my goals in life get really extreme and need a lot of trust in them... mixed with a love like Joker and Harley Quinn, and yes I get the fact that theirs can be considered abuse, but the fact that she knows he is different from most people and still loves him the way he is, is something that I need, because I am somewhat insane myself... mixed with a love like Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss. Elizabeth, because wrestling and also the fact that Randy Savage, while he was controlling, also really did care about Miss. Elizabeth which is exactly how I feel like I would end up being. And the fucked up thing is, while I ask a lot from my Impossible Girl and it may be crazily impossible, the fact still remains that everything from numbers, to desktop backgrounds, runes to messages that I can easily relate to myself and people I have met before, all seem to state something really is coming for me... If it's my perfect impossible girl or not, still remains to be seen.... There's plenty more where this came from.