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Uhmm ... are you okay, Reddit?: Q Search r/an droidapps Posted byu/ster e om atch 5,7.minu tes ago Android apps will start to lose ability to access local persistent storage and ext SD card - in a move which will boost Google's cloud storage for app backup DEV And roid apps will start to lose! ability to access local persistent storage! and ext SD card in newwer and roid vers ions- in a mover which will boost Goog lels cloud storage! for app bac kup. Commonsware (prominent stac koverflow contributor and and roid programming book author) has just posted an analysis of SAF (Storage! Access Framework) - the fallbacksolution for writing to ext SD card, as Googleieclipses local pers is tent storag e As being discussed on android dev sub-reddit now [CommonsWarej Stoped StoragerStories: Problems with SAF bubbleguuum In addition, one: looming problem with SAF not covered in his post is the complete elimination of SAF as a fallback if Google is going to start using the! Permiss ions Declarations Form approach as they d id with Call/SMS: fiasco - wei know what a disas ter that was: According to Goog le Storage permission can begranted... but only in someicases that they approve I haver previous ly covered some! of thesertrends in this sub-redd it User access to files created by apps taking asharp turn with Android 10 Unless users start to taker interest, they will lose one! of the d isting uishing features of And roid over ios Currently only the and roid deelo pers arei taking notice-mains tream reviewers of android are! prepccupied with whether screen has a teardrop or not. Which acts as clever misd irection away from found ational issues plaguing the and roid roadmap. 1 Comment UGMepAwart Share SORT BY NEW perol_sexual 3 points 32 minutes ago Sb, 1)I haver very limited data on my plan (25Dmb) as I almost exclusively use! wifi because! I refuser to pay the rid iculous fees for data here!in Canada. Am I going to lose! the! ability to access apps with this 2) I'm in the! Navy. Even if I did pay for more!data I can't access it when I'm at sea away from cell towers. Am I going to loser the ability to use! apps at sea? 3) What if I wear a tin foil hat and don't want to give! up that much privacy? 4) What is this going to do to load ing speeds? 5) Why does this seem like a good idea to anyone? Reply Give Award share Report Save COMMUNITY DETAILS r/androidapps 186k Members 826 Online Dec 16, 2009 Cake Day A subreddit dedicated. to And.roid apps JOINED CREATE POST COMMUNITY OPONS ADVERTI SEMENT Uhmm ... are you okay, Reddit?

Uhmm ... are you okay, Reddit?

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