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Club, Penguin, and Club Penguin: I drew the teenager snoo as a Club Penguin penguin, I am going to add a Snooflle so be tuned

I drew the teenager snoo as a Club Penguin penguin, I am going to add a Snooflle so be tuned

Club, Life, and Omg: vouandmeforevermore one time in 2007 i crashed the entire club penguin website. it was down for 2 days. i was banned for life youandmeforevermore stateofgracc we need to know more wxndxriand What many of you have asked, and so i shall give: in 2007, my older brother gave me a small piece of information that would soon result in the shutdown of Club Penguin for a few days. he taught me a glitch in the club penguin system that, when sitting in the coffee shop, would make your penguin sit on the ceiling of the coffee shop instead and with this piece of information, i took off. i spent hours going to every server over and over, saying the same message: everyone meet in the coffee shop tomorrow at 7 pm in the snowball server. i did this in every single server, in every location i could find. then, finally, 7 pm the next day arrived snowball had a population rating of 5. penguin:s poured into the coffee shop, all awaiting my instructions. i then gave the next message, that of the glitch. i told everyone to wait exactly 3 minutes, then perform the glitch. they did. every penguin in the coffee shop was suddenly on the ceiling, and either the club penguin coding or the club penguin offices had no idea what to do, and no way to take us down. for a small glimpse of time, we ruled victorious nothing and no one could stop us. every great kingdom awaits its downfall however. eventually, the website crashed. no one could go on the website for 2 days after that. my penguin was banned for life. Every kingdom awaits its downfall

Every kingdom awaits its downfall