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hugo the hornet: Anonymous a 09/20/12 (Thu)19:30 No.25940361 Replies: 2225940576 e>259406562>25940859 e 25941009 ee259411752225941672 2>25941729 e>2594 1893 e 25942024 25942079> 25942094 File 1348183839245 24 KB, 254x308, Hugo jpg) You nerds don't know the meaning of embarrassment. Let me enlighten you >be in third grade at a school assembly >have to shit real bad, feeling ill and feverish >we all get seated on the gym floor holy fuck Hugo the Hornet is here! (Charlotte Hornets' NBA team mascot back when they were the Charlotte Hornets) >still have to shit so bad that I'm having cold sweats wearing gymshorts, no underwear (I had a phase in elementary school where I just didn't wear any, felt good man) >Hugo the Hornet starts picking up kids and flipping them over in his hands and setting back down >starting to feel dizzy from holding in my shit see him walking my way he's coming RIGHT FOR ME >he picks me up and begins to flip me over >he's squeezing my gut >as I'm upside down, diarrhea begins to fly out of my ass and out the leg of my shorts, arcing through the air gracefully start screaming >gets all over Hugo and sprays all over the kids sitting in front of me,hear it plop on the gym floor as wel it also gets all over my face and in my mouth because I was screaming >Hugo then drops me on fucking head, into of my own hear him loudly say "WHAT THE FUCK" Hugo takes off his head and reveals himself as a black man. He pukes on the floor the music has stopped, the room is dead silent assume the fetal position covered in my own shit and can't stop farting/shitting as I lay there >start crying >wake up with someone carrying me out of the gym, holding me at a distance the tiny breathable holes in my gym shorts work like a shit colander, leaking shit water everywhere, leaving the hard bits in my shorts pass out again From then on i was "The kid who shit on Hugo the Hornet" Replies >>25 940576 >25940656>>25940859>>25941009>>25941175>>25941672>>25941729>>25941893>>25942024. hugo the hornet