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relatable?: MARCHING BAND 7tLane 9 rumdine The drum line is considered the coolest section in band. The members of this section are almost always on beat and Herns 4. rarely make mistakes. They never miss a set and are always clean. The drum line makes marching seem effortless and give every performance their all. The Horns or french horns are the goojs or the band. They are good at marching but not aluays on task. Sometimes they follow directions but usually declde to just uing it, which is very obvious. This section usually gives marching band 50% of their effort they prefer the social aspect of it. 8 Bum majets The Drum Majors are the face of the band. Their tempos can ftuctuate sometimes but generally they can keep it together effortlessly. The DM has excellent leadership qualities and addresses problems immediately. Teaches the rest of the band what's whar 2 Clarinets The clarinets are usualtyy out of tune. Misses the instructions and atuays asked others where they are supposed to go. Most likely 1o be caught talking or faughing during run throughs because they lenow the uisuats look stupid. They atuays reset slow. The pit The Pit percussion is the section for those who are not as good at keeping tampo. Thet pit has to be at school practicing al the time and is one of the most devote secrions of the band. Has tempo control issues but generally is a strong section. Atmost to the level of the drum line but srill needs a tittle development Tutes The lutes cannot survlue a hot rehearsat without complaining about it. They know what set the band is on but haue no idea where the set is. The flutes are always tripping on the color guard (lags. The flutes never can keep their shoulders aligned with the front side line. Generally they are a mess but at least they are fun to be around when they are not complalning. Saxes The Saxophones are generally just reatly coel people. The are rarety out of tune but sometimes makes minor mistakes. Never forgets where they are going in the drilt and alf of the members of this section are usually on task 1 Trunets The trumpets almost aluays have no idea what's going on during rehearsal. They never know what ser the band is on and where that set is. Their attentiont span is that of a goldfish. The trumpers are always lote to rehearsal. Ceneratly put 15% of their elfert into a performance. 5 Coler Cuard The colorguard is the mest entertaining group in the bund. Their pretty flags and dunce moves allow for a good parforemance. Not all members and in it to win it they generally perjorm with their all. This seerion is mostly on time with their counts 0. fow rass The tow brass are aluays out of tune and are playing the wrong notes. Newer know where they are going and semerimes even trip themselues and others ouver, usually hos to moike the whole band reset. Aithough they are the most necessary to the band they never deliver అ relatable?