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Come Here Now: boo boo the fool Today at 9:27 PM i hate daylight savings it fucks me up i woke up at 12 and it was 1 Lil Hal BOT Today at 9:27 PM Hi Dave! Hi! In Australia! It's Oskaar here in Iceland. I got your email the other day, IT MADE ME REALLY FOCKING ANGRY! You know I get three hours of sunlight per day, EVERY DAY THREE HOURS! And you, are arguing about ONE HOUR! Guess what time it is. Look around.It's a beautiful day, in sunny Reykjavik at.. 20 minutes past three o clock! No I have- dmsvnffdf sorry dave, my my my camera is broken. I have to sit, for two hours, in front of ultra violent light! Thats so to to help my mind and my skins from being healthy. I drink this pfff lici. Do you know what lici is? Lici is oil from fish. I drink the fish shits two times per day! This stops me from being funny in the head. It's called sc- it's called... Heather, Dave, I want you do do this for me. I want you to show everybody in your silly(???) city some things that I do in my life. I'll take you for a journey. Come with me. Uh, this is what I do every day after I come home from work. I take my dog for a walk in this beautiful park here. Can you see? No you can't see cause it's focking too dark. Hey, you haven't seen my dog have you? Stalone, you know, Stalone, like the cliff hanger movies. Stalone! Hold on- STALONE! STA-LONE! Oh shit. H-hey, now I'm going on a journey to one of our famous beaches here in Iceland. A- FOCKING DOG SH- I'M ON MY ICELANDIC BEACH. HEY DAVE LET'S GO AND HAVE A SWIM WITH ME. AHAHAHA. I WOULDN'T SWIM IN THAT IF YOU FUCKING PAYED ME A MILLION DOLLARS. IF I COULD HAVE YOUR HOUR I WOULD RIP IT FROM YOUR- YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU. BE HEROS. YOU ARE BE HEROS. SAVE- SAVE YOUR DAYLIGHT. SAVE IT.DON'T LET IT RUN AWAY IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE. Think about me Dave. Tell your friends. HEY- FUCKING BATTERY- STALLONE. COME HERE NOW YOU STUPID DOG