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Javascript also known as Java for short!: Java Developer Aclat, Incorporated Posted: Sep 29, 2014 DIVISION IT DURATION 6+ Months 40 Hrs/week APPROXIMATE HOURS PER WEEK QUALIFICATIONS Any Degree COMPENSATION Paid TYPE DESCRIPTION JavaScript, also known as Java for short, is a scripting language that allows interactivity on websites. For instance, Java allows users to see different images based on where they scroll or click their mouse on the site. Java developers are the experts who work closely with team members, end-users and vendors to test and create websites that are easy to navigate for web visitors Java developers are responsible for programming JavaScript on commercial websites to create moving images, drop-down menus, animation and different sounds and music. These professionals also work closely with JavaScript to enable security settings that validate users and process business transactions. Java developers frequently communicate with their management team and end-users to ensure that the scripting language addresses user and business requirements improves website functionality, and enhances the overall design and usability of the site. Other duties for java developers include gathering and documenting user requirements, analyzing data and conducting unit and quality assurance testing Java developers should be highly analytical and technologically savvy, with strong problem-solving skills. Employers prefer candidates who have expertise with JavaScript development, as well as experience working with HTML, JSP, EJB, Eclipse and Microsoft SQL Server. Candidates should also have a proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Viseo. The ability to pay close attention to detail develop creative solutions for complex and abstract problems and concentrate for Employer Profile Javascript also known as Java for short!

Javascript also known as Java for short!