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Crime, Driving, and Drugs: Going to try party drugs? *I'm not gonna give vou a preach now just asking for a little favour This is from me (an EMT) to you. 1. Remember the name(s) of what you took.~ 2. If vou only know the slang name, ask (the person you get it from) what kind of drug it's similar to. 3. Tell a good friend what you toolk in case you won't be able to if something happens. 4. If you don't know what you took, remember how it looked (color, form, taste, amount) 5. Please don't lie to the paramedics We are not the police. *We hate interrogating, we love helping. We won't tell you off for taking drugs. *You don't even know what a terrible liar you are when you're drunk. *Telling us that "someone must have put it in my drink" is getting old. Telling us what you took: Will actually make us quite happy, because you're honest. Will make us treat you like an adult. Will un-complicate everything. Will make us stop annoying you (asking questions) and maybe give you a break. Will shorten your hospital stay. Can spare you of unnecessary/ uncomfortable tests and treatments. Will make the ambulance ride less scary and more comforting; We are actually quite nice people and we'll always listen if you wanna talk Sincerely, your EMT P.S. Stay safe emt-monster.tumblr.com pigletkin: kenderfriend: arkhamarchitecture: edens-blog: emt-monster: Please reblog if you know anyone who might take party drugs. this is so important Also important information: A cop cannot arrest you for something you already took. You can tell a cop to his face that you just injected black tar heroin in your veins and as long as you don’t currently have any on you (including things like syringes or residue in a pipe), there’s fuck all he can do about it. I take police reports for a living. The number of people who will happily tell someone “Well officer, this fight started because I smoked crack cocaine earlier,” is astounding and also not at all illegal. The criminal charge is for Possession of a Controlled Substance. If you don’t possess any at the time, there’s no crime. The only thing you can get dinged for is if you’re actively on a drug and driving, in which case - DUI. Please, please, please tell EMTs what you took. They’re not going to rat you out to the cops and even if they did, you will still be okay. Spreading the word, being honest with paramedics and doctors can save your life It’s important to note though that the part about cops not being able to arrest you for something you took isn’t necessarily true everywhere. There are places that have laws specifically about drug use and not just possession where admitting to a cop that you took prohibited drugs could potentially get you in legal trouble. Be honest with paramedics but don’t talk to cops