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Bruh, Confederate Flag, and Kkk: 22:41 al -Fun Yesterday at 19:46 . S Sassy THIS IS THE KKK FLAG the shame of the nation WHILE IS THE CONFEDERATE FLAG or the heritage of the South Stop the stupidity and cultural ignorance! Never confuse the culture with the sickness! Like Share OComment 01 Yeah. Nope. Slavery and "states rights to own slaves". Not the heritage I want to claim. 51m Like Reply except your history 26m Like Reply Taccept there is nothing I can do to change the wrongs that were committed once upon a time. thappe and I do not accept that flag and what it stands for to represent the people, state, and country I live in/with and love. 24m Like Reply That Flag represents thirteen original colonies 23m Like Reply Bruh. No it doesn't. 23m Like Reply 22m Like Reply That flag does not represent racism 22m Like Reply Yes, it does. It stands for slavery 22m Like Reply And treason. 21m Like Reply And the losing side 21m Like Reply 19m Like Reply Write a reply... This is the flag of the original thirteen colonies The rebel flag was the flag of the Confederate Navy it does not represent racism the flag is a part of our history whether you like it or not 12m Like Reply And whether you're willing to admit it or not that flag represents 1/2 of the country seceding so they could continue to own slaves. And losing the subsequent war that tor the country apart. 11m Like Reply And last I checked, owning a bunch of people because their skin is different than yours is racist. 10m Like Reply That is where you at messed up make sure you do your research because there was black slave owners there was also a blacks fighting freely for the Confederate Navy 9m Like Reply . The majority It's still racism slave holders were white. The men who started the secession were white. The white men who wanted secession did so because they thought they should be allowed to own people. The black men owning slaves were racist against their own skin color. Or rather, they believed they were better because they happened to be born to stronger and wealthier families. It's not that hard to accept that THIS is actually your flag, and the only one that should "matter". 8m Like Reply The confederate flag has a part in our nations history, but it is NOTHING to be proud of. 7m Like Reply I'm proud of it. And you wanna know why. 6m Like Reply The United States would n't be what it is today if it wasn't for that history that is why I'm proud of it Em ilen Donlu The United States would be *infinitely** better off had that there not been a war between its own people. Infinitely better off if the south had said "hey you're right, we'll stop owning people". Jim Crow laws, racial segregation the KKK, etc. these things got there foothold because of that war Those things did NOT make our country better. 4m Like Reply Sounds like you hate the south 2m Like Reply Thate the contederate south and everything it stood for Yes. All about that slavery life!

All about that slavery life!