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Baseball, Countdown, and Drake: STATES-FOUNDED 1771 THE OLDEST DAILY NEWSPAPER IN THE UNITED THE WEATHER U. S. Weather Bureau Forecast The Philadelphia nquirer and vicinity Philadelphia Cloudy with rain showers and a few thandershowers likely Mon- day. Clearing and warm Tues- day. Precipitation probabillty 80 percent Monday LATE METRO LEDGER Sun rises Sun sels Moon sets 5.49 A. M. 8:25 P. M 11:48 P. M. PUBLIC THE PEOPLE AN INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER FOR ALL Daily: Home Delivery 60 Cents Per Week MONDAY MORNING. JULY 21, 1969 Conrisht 199 by Triancle Publications, Inc, Vol. 2 No 21 TEN CENTS MAN LANDS ON MOON 'Eagle Has Landed,' Astronauts Say 2 Stay Inside, Describe Land As Gray, Dusty Man HOUSTON, July 20 (AP). landed on the moon at 4:18 P. M. Sunday. Two men, Neil A. Armstrog and Ed- win E. Aldrin Jr., 240,000 miles away from Earth, came to a dusty landing on the moon's surface, the first men to touch its alien soil. "Tranquility Base here," said Aldrin, an has landed." From some 60-odd miles above the moon, Air Force Lt. Col. Michael Collins in the com- mand ship Columbia chimed in with "fantastic." The unofficial time of the Eagle's landfall on the moon's Sea of Tranquillity was 102 hours, 45 minutes and 42 seconds after blastoff last Wednesday, July 16, from Cape Kennedy, Fla. You're looking good here," said ground control We're going to be busy for a minute," Armstrong said moments after touchdown Very smooth touchdown," said Aldris. SThe first minutes on the lanar surface were mostly silent, as Armstrong and Aldrin quickly readied everything Sn tbeir spider-like space taxi for an emsergency blast-off, if necessary. The initial moments were for a decislon on whether to stay on the dusty surface. The spacecraft engine began kicking up dust from the moment it was 40 feot above on its descent. Armstrong's first description of the landing area was terse. He apologized for taking a little longer than planned in his landing. The auto-targeting was taking us right into a football fieldsized crater, he said, with a large number of big boulders and rocks and it required us to fly manualy over the rock field to find a reasonably good area. "It looks like a collection of just about every varlety Air Force colonel. "The Eagle BAUNITED STATES AP Wibto of shapes, angularities, granularities just about every variety ASTRONAUTS EDWIN ALDRIN (LEFT) AND NEIL ARMSTRONG GATHER ROCK SAMPLES IN SIMULATED MOON LANDING. of rocks you can find." Aldrin reported. Aldrin said there didn't seem to be much color, but he said some rocks in view Look as though they will have some interesting color to them." This one-sixth G (gravity) is just like in an airplane" Armstrong said. When told by ground control there were lois of smiling faces around the world, Armstrong replied, There are two of them up here Ground control reported at 4:32 P. M. that Eagle's Allen Returns to Phils Egyptian Jets, 7000 at Franklin Institute Skinner Says He Maylsraeli Planes Cheer News of Touch-Down Start Play Thursday Battle at Suez [stretched some 80 feet aeross A number of figures in spaceSystems looked good after the landing. This was important, the room, and propelled along suits stand sentinal along the because the ship must carry the astronauts back into orbit by escaping air, simulating the Institute's corridors, and modonday By MERRIE SPAETH Of The Inquirer Stoff tory of major league baseball The Phillies star first base- man, one of baseball's great srsell and Egyptian Jets bat enthusiasts wbo crowded into By ALLEN LEWIS TEL AVIV, July 20 (AP). Collins talked to "Tranquility Base" and sald "it sure More than 7000 moon-lifghtction-reaction principal that els of each of NASA's three of The Inquirer Staff Richie Alen, who vowed alsiuggers, was restored to the tled over the Suez Canal Sun- the Franklin Institute scien Propel the moon rocket itself.space capsules-Gemini, Mer-sounded great. You guys did a fantastic job." most four weeks ago that he elab's payroll Sunday after à 26- day and raided each other's ter museum on would never again play for the day Phillies, is back after wbat is moroing conference with Man ighting since the mideast war at 4:20 P.M. after a dramaballoon rocket. A two-foot gold Many, particularly those from Thank you," replied Armstrong. "Just keep that orbit- ing. base ready for us." "Will do," replied Collins in Columbia, "Contact light on. Engine off. Eagle has landed Three awards have been pre-cury and Apollo-are on dis- Sunday let out thunderous roar of joy whencntedeach day during the play. In all, about 10,000 persons Jongest distance traveled by a isited the museum Sunday. suspension following & ritory in some of the heaviesthe lunar module touched dowwn Progress of the moon flight for believed to be the longest sus ager Bob Skinner, Allen then pension without pay in the bis left Connie Mack Stadlum for of 1967, Each side claimed it filled aoproach The obseryers gathered tense trophy wrill go to the overall Outside the Greater Phlladelphia ly in front of more than 20 tele-winner TOO BUSY AT CONTROLS his Germatown home to "do shot down a large number of Some throwing Almost immediately, mission control began referring to the landed men with a new radio call sign, Tranquillity Base," dropping the old code name, "Eagle." During the descent, Armstrong said, he was too busy with the control panels to pick out some of the required landmarks. Mission control told him not to worry After giving their landing craft's system a quick check, Armstrong and Aldrin simulated a countdown to make sure everything was set for their blastoff Monday. Armstrong reported there were several alarm signals Continued on Page 6, Column 4 planes Egypt said It down 17 Israel vision sets set up along the Rivaling tbe balloon rocket Jets and called it the "Arabs institute's corridors to provide cotest in popularity with the Left Wreck Scene MAY START THURSDAY Police to Flla Älen, who will bave to work greatest victory since 1967 continuous coverage of the youngsters was a "frictionless rocket chair, in wbich you can Page of Astronout Pictures on out for a Yew days to get back Each side elaimed it shot down moon light, into playing condition, is expect a large number of planes, ed do be in uniform Thursday mght, when'the Phillies open a jets and called it the "Arabs the successful conclusion of an- Page 5 Another Picture, Re- lated News and Com ment on Well-wishers all over the city propel yourself in any direction Complaint On Kennedy Egypt said it down 17 Israeli slso breathed sighs of reliof at by releasing jets of air. Among many other special greatest victory" since 1967other critical phase of the moon exhibits are one of astronaut Pages 3, 4, 6, The Phillies lost, 1-0, 1lo the israel admitted losing twolight. A crowd of thousands out-food, and continuous showings Cubf in the opener of doubleheader Story and Bozscore on Page 20 planes and said five Egyptian Bide Independence Hall broke of space ftight films furnished planes were down, three MIGSnto applause at the terse, tele-by the National Aeronautics and and two Sukhoi SU-7 fighters, and 12. EDGARTOWN, Mass., July 20 (AP),A complaint charing Sen. Edward M Keanedy with leaving the scene of an ccident four-game series with the Hous- ISLAND ATTACKED will be sought as the result of Q4 auto wreek in which a wom He may or may not be in the day with an Isracli commando at the sclence museum at 20th Space Administration Continged on Page 3, Columu 4 vised announcement We're on the moon." More than twice the usual Davis Visits Wailing Wall Millions of Words Tell Tale The fighting began early Sua Dumber of visitors turned up ton Astros in the Astrodome. World Press Hails Venture an died, police said Sunday The vietim, Mary Jo Kope starting lineup at that time, de- attack on an Egyptian island st, and the Parkway despite chne, 28, of Washington,, form. pending er secretary to the late Sen on. Robert F. Kebnedy (D., N. Y.) was riding in a car that skidded len incidents, watch cost the Suez Canal for the first the Apollo 11 moon mission. off a narrow bridge and into a Richie about $12,000 of his re- ime since the 1967 war, and Adult visitors took a m0on pond on Chappaquiddick Island, Poled $75,000 salary, occurred in Egyptian jets then took to the space quiz, and found the ancitement built up slowly in make dealines as the big mo morning on his physical condi- fortress in the Gulf of Suez. sloppy weather to viow and Israeli planes followed up by experience scores of special The latest in a long line of hitting Egyptian positions across exhibits and programs spun of JERUSALEM, July 20 (APY American entertainer Sao3my Davis Jr. visited the Watlng Seated at long, gray tables,'down, one mlion words will watl on Sunday. He said be learphones to their heads, at have been seat to all parts of had been looking forward to HOUSTON, July 20-The ex-loast 150 newsmen rushed to the world Sunday and Mondayseeing the Wall-the Jews' most By DONALD C. DRAKE Of The Inquirer Staff Kennedy was driving. He re-New York June 24 when Richie air to raid Israeli targets in the swers to questions like How portedly escaped with what spfaled to show up for a twl-night occupled Sinaj Desert parently was only a mild con- doubleheader with the New cussion The accident happened be tween 11 P. M. Friday and 1 bill, whlch bgan at 5:05 P.M., ritory. A.M. Saturday, bat went unre- Skinner announced Richle had Military communiques from in touch with the Institute's own newsmen and television writers change anything went wrong, Japancse, German, Italian, ported until 10 A M. Saturday. been suspended without pay, "L am firmly convinced there Allen's reaction was quick and Israeli Mirage was shot down by in an opinion poll on the sig-Loudspeakers bleamed was no neglizence involved, typlcal: "Good, I need a vacea antiafrcraft fire during the com. nifioance of the moon trip, Police Chiet Domicic J. Arena tion. The next day he said. ed Jater Sunday morning, nine n the spacious Ben Frankin the ground cod Apollo 11 and careers would be ruined toid newimen Sunday. "But the "I'm through withthe Phillies mando raid, another was downBoom youngsters from 5 to 12 closed-cireuit televislon matter of the time period after until they trade me. the accident, there is, in my sacred shrine-ever aince he The total number of words be- coaverted to the Jewish religioa much would you weigh on the Building One at the Manned ment approeched The clatter of the typewriters ing written is many times one in 1935 Israeli sald the pilots of its moon?" in exhibits soattered all Spaceeraft Center two downed aircraft balled out over the museum. This is the low modernistic made it difficult to bear. million, however, beeause many In the next few hours history correspondeats send in their sto- York Mets at Shea Stadlum Between games of the twin safely and landed in ISraeli ter More than 150 ham radio op-alte building that has been 3n The Inquirer erators all over the world weretaken over by more than 2500 would be made and, by ries over telephones Departments and Features requiring a backup system for Mexican. the the astronauts to make it offThe accents and languages Amuiements Egypt and Cairo Radio said onelham radio station, taking part from ell over the world. Death Notiees 14 Editorials 12 Obituaries t 16, 17 Sports 20 la 26, erytic comnsunication between the mnoon, many promisiog are many and varied and the I0, 11 writers of each nation seem to Basiness and Financial Ever since Wednesday, there stic together mon in the afternoon and six more years old stood patiently in long itors showed figures indicating bas been a bustle in this place Efforts made to contact Allen in the evening, Caire said most nes to take part in a balloon the umber of minutes into the bat it was reaching a cim Apolo 11 is probably the most Classified Ads K is speculated here that rocket contest. Balloons were mission, hunar revolutions and wires what haye you Western Union here said that iby the time Apollo 11 spiashes Continued on Page 3, Column 1Comica 26 to 38 Televislon and Badio 31 Page 2, Column 4 inflated, Continned or Page 18, Column 3 Continued on Page 20, Column 5 Continued on attached to From my late grandfather's collection.

From my late grandfather's collection.

Celtic, Club, and Graffiti: 12:10 AM 39 Russian Constructivist Fonts | Font... X www.fontcraft.com FONTS BY ERA DESIGNERS HOME COLLECTIONS CATEGORIES Search INFO FONT GALLERY FONT STYLES ORDER ANCIENT e OPIENTAL FONTSARTHURIAN CALLIGRARHY AROUT ARTHUP THE SCRIPTORIUM - FONTCRAFT.COM - 512-656-8011 FONTS CELTIC FONTS WALTER CRANHISTORIC SCRIPT FONTS BORDERS "THE THREE BORDERS VIKING FONTS FAQ TEXT FONTS ART WILLIAM MOR MAPMAKER PDF CATALOG ARABIAN FONTS ART FONTS CONSTRUCTIVISM FONTS AND AFCOLLECTION MEDIEVAL FONTS DECORATIVE FONT/IMAGE CONTEST HOWARD PYLETHE GRAMMAR SCRIPT FONTS LICENSES GOTHIC FONTS INITIALS ENGLISH GARCOF ORNAMENT CUSTOM FONT RENAISSANCE DARK SHADOWS BY WALTER CRANE FAERIE FONTS DESIGN FONTS BOOK DESIGN AND COLONIAL FONTS FONT DESIGNERS ALEXANDER OLD FRENCH CONTACT ART NOUVEAUU Gloriana Font unchner Carneval NURSERY SONGSISCOUNTS NEWSLETTER STEAMPUNK Gloriana was originally ILLUSTRATED BY EBOOKS released in 1999 based o JOIN THE FONT FONTS samples of hand letterin ANNE ANDERSONFLATSTOCK in Y NOW rneval is exactly what Munchner CLUB WILD WEST FAIRY TALES ENGLISH FAIRY FONTS FEATURED TALE ARTS AND ILLUSTRATIONS FLORAL The Lady of Shalott CRAFTS FONTS Read MorBY HERBERT COLE FONT CLUB Read More In the mid-159th century Owen Jo STRUCTIVIST atalo y of CO FONT DESIGN Howard Pyle's illustrated edition ONTS "OLD KING NEW FONTS Adramalech - Featured Classic NURSERY lysian Art ART DECO FONTS COLE'S BOOK OF FOUND ART Read More oupeau Font SILENT FILM RINČIDIO FREE OFFERS sian is an onë of ou FONTS BUY NOW RHYMES" BY is one of BYAM SHAW GALLERY based an Art Nouveau riod classic font Russian ConstructiETTERPRESS GUIDES FONTS ELIZABETHAN LLIC. FEATURED, FONT COLLECTIONS, FONTS FSCRIPT FONT SE STORIC CRAFTS FONTS JULY 12, 2019 ALEXANDER RODCHENKO COLLECTIONS CPULP FONTS 49 COMMENTS PSYCHEDELIC CALLIGRAPHY Read More Read More FONTS FONTS Constructivist Fonts based on TMODERN FONTS early post-revolutionary period designs based on the styles of fFUTURISTIC Vrubel and Sergei Eisenstein. TFONTS which influenced design around ora mne 1920s an the Classic FocELTIC FONTS wionbach, a Font Kharkov-A ng the pekrainian ander Rodchen Valdemar FONTS r St ... led to Soviet Valdemar ha CONSTRUCIVISTwionbach was inspired a highly decorated ge from an antique AProducts ow The We may disagree with the political ideology of the era, but the lasting influence of thpopularoforr FONTS artists can't be ignoredWhile we would never support or endorse an inhumane politicmoyies and Com , especially,dsign ide xperience rly daving the s andisCYRILLIC hope that people will take those strong ideas and put them to better uses and thereby redeem the DISPLAY FONTS work of artists like Rodchenko and Eisenstein. FANTASY FONTS Read More Read More The package includes eight original fonts you won't find any where else Vrubel, Krasny Mir, Death Ray and Structúra and the new Rykov and Talinn fonts Rodchenko FEATURED FONTS They all inclu Go full English-language charactér sets. Complete Cyrillic vpatriarch Fonts will be mghiller SFUTURISTIC onstrous Font a later release. All together this font set will give you Constructivist style in poster lettering. to recreat FONTS New time for something w and strange, our Patriarch The collection is priced at $59 and you can order in our Was lone of ourfearliest BUY NOW GOTHIC FONTS BUY NOW Schrift is ius GRUNGE FONTS W and original font we Lonstrous font. .. Related Posts Stop CISA Design From time to time I get to do some creative desi Read More political causes, especially.] Read More Read More Imprimato-Clas sic Font Wanax Font Tiki Party Font BUY NOW Tiki Party is a new font made for the intriguing tiki subculture. BUY NOW Once Eisenstein Font Film director Sergei Eisenstein pon a time when he he BUY NOW Imprimato is was a graduate sed a couple of years ago, which New Fonts of 2014 Every year we release a number of new fonts, and the end of the year we collect them . Read More Read More Ariosto Font An Overview of Our Russian Fonts In ho Featuredevolution whichastside Round November I thought it would Allencon Font Graffiti Font BUY NOWrah Allencon is a BUY NOW Ariosto is the very first Art Nouveau BUY NOW Round is based on unique Posted by Scriptorim Fonts Eastside Kharkov - A Ukrainian Con structivist Font ont we developed. It The ... NOW Read More Rykov - A New Font BUY NOW TRY DEMOo Rykov is a Uk tivist font from the Imperatore-A New Font Ardenwood- Embellished Adresack Font NAD Revised BUY NOW Imperatore is an Art Deco typeface BUY NOWs Ardenwood Adresack is an original font in an arts and crafts in: Alexander Rodchenko, Collections, Construcivist Fonsed on a hand ured, Font StyletIt is one of the Fonts, Poster Fonts tagged: constructivism, eisenstein poster, rodchenko, soviet INFAND Wor WERE THE HIARTS Leave a Reply Read More Read More Read More You must be logged in to post a comment. Backsplash- A New Font Burd Ellen Font Classic Font: Brandywine Burd Ellen is a decorative on early 20th century GLORIANA FONT Brandywine is one of our favorite older fonts. It's based on a hand lettering BUY NOW is a unique original Backsplash Crans Fandscripl ABCDE ehayhlmn Read More Read More WOrlds Fair Gothic: A New Font Montgisard Font Acadian Font Acadian is based on a classic Victorian-era There are certain design concepts which deserve BUY NOW Walter by Hpeace designed exploration. One.. conecu POWERED BY WORDPRESS AND WPCRUNCHY Read More Read More Read More GRECEREE SIRENS Katisha Font Marionet Neu Finchley Font Font loneon Font Katisha is an unusual font based on hand- drawn calligraphy. It's basically an Finchley is a curious font from the transitional period between Art Nouveau and BUY NOW Marionettas is pased on lettering from a Komanesque rashscripl KLHHO JOIN THE Read More Read More Read More I don't really know what to title this, but this is what happens when you try to download fonts with no adblock

I don't really know what to title this, but this is what happens when you try to download fonts with no adblock

Dog, Hot Dog, and Man: Man enjoying the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Man enjoying the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.