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Being Alone, Bad, and Books: 18 miles away i'm a silly girl hoping to fall in lo Trump supporters need not apply! punctuation marks & emojis,usually ready for adventure, and will stop everything I am doing to be there for my friends and family Warm, kind, fun and funny, but in no way a k is sexy & a majour plus. (Six & counting) No Trump lovers son.Looking for a relationship and start a family with the right person..yesterdayl appreciate traditional gender roles and I hope you do too.Philanthropic Please do NOT swipe right if yo or a random hookup, you're a smoker or y You're one of my students You support Trump e head, but we are n land significance of my last photo second: dinner I'm pretty smart sometimes. i spoK vvor K rull-time, scroo' part-time. with pages. Looking for someone with interests, quick wit, can hold a conversation, tries to stay in shape. I'm irreverent. Love curiosity, good wine, ferries, confidence. I cycle, swim, row run...pretty active. NO interest in trump fans! ce bat emember where i parked.t nutrition and being active es I'm not interested in casual hook-ups or being nce. But I can never remember where I into nutrition and being active but I'm mostly an introvert but I'm not a shut-in. I do like t socialize and I love a reason to get dressed up. en No Trump supporters please we wouldn't have compatible worldvie I have a peaceful co-parenting relationship with tely not into: super maga people, mean I'm not here for hookups and I think kissing a randonm guy I just met on the Internet is weird. A relationship would be cool someday mavbe Scared of: people with nothing in t yoga, my silly dog. I like to bake bread during rather be alone than unhappy. I guess I'm a little 59 (175 cm)Active Graduate degree Work a lot, travel a lot. Pretty darn supportive, loyal and i My 2 kids are everything and I have + I was owned by the government. + Laughing, hugs, dancing, & travel eccentric. I have an absurd sense of humor and has "amazing" kids. Who has all em full time. Very active, play tennis. Love the performing arts and they are part of my life. Well read, traveled and educated. No financially secure, independent, sweet with e bad kids? Very laid back Attracted to kindness, tolerance, at times. No hookups, + & trump is a POS no trump supporters. Full disclosure: I suck at I really dislike Donald Trump Trumpsters flakes rump fans. Originally fromm I'm looking for someone who is established in your career. Can take care of yourself. Liberal or centrist. Not full of hate. Open-minded. Not an addict. Not into "keeping up with the Jones ever actually make (and keep) Detroit;Wings Tigers Pistons. Love Driven. " Former D teletalks, oe Nature, Tennis, Häagen-Dazs, Spotify, NPR, Dogs, Running, Hiking, NHL Live MusicYou Passion, Humor, Kindnes Open-minded" likely does not cover public restroom selfies (with I love to do all the stuff that makes me appear interesting: concerts, traveling, scuba etc. Looking for something real hook-ups, no religion, no Trump! onnection, communication without a shirt on), pictures with monster fish or Trump-supporters. Gym Pics, Bathroom Selfies, Trump + n't live without: Coffee,Books, gs, Cheese, Beaches, Humor the grass or sand and come winter I prefer to stay in. I y and plan to move to the suburbs in ca Work a lot, travel a lot. Pretty darn You are a sincere person who has strong erratic exerciser, NPR and podcas listener, serious liberal, animal lover. I am probably way shorter has "amazing" kids. Who has all the bad kids? Very laid back. Attracted to kindness, tolerance If this sparks your interest feel free to write. Do not reach out if looking for something casual or if you do not want children. Also I am absolutely anti Trump. You are looking for more than just a hook up yoga, did I say dogs? Can definitely use Reality TV, The Patriots, Olives, You will never vote for Donald Trump! s Anyone No Trumpers, no smokers. CONVERSATION STARTERS ever actually make (and keep) Casual meeting for coffee, low-key no pressure. Face to face is the only way to see if there is any chemistry Undergraduate degree 로 Socially 잎 Never 5 3 (160 cm) Active Graduate This is post-divorce dating in Connecticut, bastion of Liberal Tolerance..

This is post-divorce dating in Connecticut, bastion of Liberal Tolerance..

Af, Anaconda, and Arguing: with a fvckboy for 2 years. If that's what you're on, kindly move along I'm wholeheartedly aware that I'm picky af. It's a choice. I choose to be single and happy until I meet a *king who makes me happier than I am now. I got me. You get you. We get together? Then we get it together I listen to most anything but I don't like country. At all. Sorry cowboy I'm an ENTP What I'm looking for: Someone I vibe with who has a story but isn't currently stuck in the climax of that story. So no current legal/ex/babymama drama. I'm different, and I mean that. Therefore, I like different. Hard to explain but I know it when I see it or read it. I don't care what you do for work as long as you got you, got your own, and pay your own bills Finally, I'm pro-choice and black lives matter and if you voted for Trump, keep it moving. We won't vibe, guaranteed. (This is absolutely 100% non-negotiable. Period.) * I'm not impressed with vanity, muscles, or money (especially trap money). If your profile includes photos of your bulge photos of you flexing in the mirror, photos of you with stacks of cash, or anything else related to any of the above, I am not going to respond to you* Conversation Starters (i.e. what you'd like to do on a first date...) Well, I can tell you what ISN'T a conversation starter: 1. Messaging me first, and I hit you back, then your conversational skills are dry af. Stop it. Please. Lol 2. Anything including the word "sexy" (this is where I find out how many of y'all actually read this ish) 3. Uptight, job interview style messages... "Good evening Miss. I was wondering if you would afford me the opportunity to converse with you so that we may get to know one another better with the goal of becoming better aquainted..." Um no. Be yourself. If this is you being yourself and you talk like that to your nearest and dearest, you won't like me and I won't like you 4. Propositions for sex, threesomes, foursomes, strange objects entering places they aren't made to go 5. Messaging me to argue with me about something I said in my profile that you disagree with (like your die-hard support for Trump). Lol. I know what I want and what I don't want. Respect it. 6. Those pretyped messages you found online somewhere thinking it's "clever"... Bro, I've seen them all. "saw your photo and fell and now I need your number for insurance purposes".. "We would kick Barbie and Ken's ass"... It's lame af and yall aren't clever. Stop 7. No picture = No response. I'm not starting a conversation with someone whose FACE I can't see. Just a bunch of photos of your abs? Same rule applies. Knock this off 8. Getting this deep into my profile and realizing you aren't my type, then messaging me to insult me because you're butthurt. Lol. I screenshot those messages and me and my giris laugh at you in our group chat. :) Sticks and stones, bro I'm sure there's more... Updates later. Xx "I choose to be single and happy until I meet a 'king'".....
Music, For, and I Know: oh thats tight actually is there a trans subreddit for talking avout music and beimg trans. cuz the only conversation starters i know is about music hsjksjs

is there a trans subreddit for talking avout music and beimg trans. cuz the only conversation starters i know is about music hsjksjs

Arguing, Beer, and Best Friend: About Me WARNING* What you are about to read will blow your mind. The profile you have just stumbled upon is about....well me. So let me be straight and to the point. 99.999% of you girls out there will flat out just not like me period. Why is that? It's really quite simple. I'm a nice guy. (Yuck), I'm easy going (Wait, like he won't even argue with u about spilled milk?), I'm a Christian (wait, did he just say he has standards and a moral compass that points north?...disgusting, I'm out) I'm fit, active, and enjoy sports (uh no thanks, the only six pack I like is beer), I don't smoke (Ya, no...l only date tough guys), I don't drink (He clearly doesn't know how to have fun then), l'm smart, and successful at what I do (eewww, stop, it burns, make it stop!), I have a good sense of humor (OMG! Did he just make a joke about liberals?! I hate him forever now...!), and I've never been to prison. he probably doesn't have any tattoos either), So again, I'm a nice, careing, easy going guy, with a good sense of humors, I have Christian morals and standards, don't smoke, drink, or do drugs, I have goals for my life, and I'm achieving them, I'm a fit single, attractive male, that can be a best friend, someone to talk to about anything, someone that will listen and support. Again I know 99.999% of females aren't looking for that, so sorry I'm not an ugly bum that's not going anywhere in life getting high with my friends on the weekend. But if by some rare chance of God that you are a single fit attractive female, and part of that 0.0001% of the female population that actually finds value in a genuine stand up, respectable, kind of guy....then what are you waiting for? Message me, and please...hold a conversation, none of that "Hey there:" stuff and then never respond ever again. If you think you'll build a relationship with like a 2 message conversation, then well...it kinda speaks for itself. I'd rather get together anyways and talk in person, like go hiking, for a walk, or something. The more human interaction the easier it is to have a real conversation and get to know somebody If you have any other questions, then ask. I'm more interested in seeing what you're interested in, so let's see if we have some common ground to start on P.S. I find it extreamy attractive when the girl can initiate a convorsation, AND can hold a convorsation afterwards Conversation Starters (i.e. what you'd like to do on a first date...) Talk to me about Guns, and I know you're a true American. Just kidding....Let's talk about the meaning of life...Jk again, just tell me what your looking for in a guy. This is a dating site aftera all Not your average guy on POF

Not your average guy on POF

Children, Facebook, and Gym: It's important vice on hant to note that new challenges are arising on the internet all the time. We have created to this guide to raise awareness of the issuea and offer Ping parents to talk to their children about making safer decisions online. See also our 7 conversation starters guide for more tips on nication with your chil Momo is a sinister challenge' that has been around for some time. It has recently resurfaced and once again has come to the attention of schools and children acros suicide killer game, Momo has been heavily linked with apps such as Fa YouTube, and most recently (and most worryingly)... YouTube Kids. The sca cebook, WhatsApp, reportedly sends graphic violent images,and asks users to waking up at random hours and has even been associated with self-harm. It has been reported partake in dangerous challenges like that the Momo' figure was originally created as a sculpture and featured in an art gallery in an What parens need fo know about MOMO4 CHILDREN'S VIDEOS BEING'HJACKED DISTRESSING FOR CHILDREN SUGGESTED VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE There have been recent reports that some seemingly innocent videos on YouTube and Video apps such as YouTube include an 'up Popular YouTubers and other accou been uploading reaction videos, showing their experience of the MOMO challenge Some of the videos include a disclosure message warning that the content may be next' feature which automatically star laying another video based on the video ust watched. Due to YouTube's algorithm, YouTube Kids (such as unboxigvideos and Minecraft videos) have een edited by unknown sour users are shown 'suggested videos violence provoking and/or other nappropriate content. Even though YouTube monitor and remove videos that may be interested in. The thumbnails used on suggested videos are purposefully created in a way to encourage viewers to appropriate or offensive to some LI ude inappropriate content, clips can be ck them. During our research, we found ac uploaded and viewed thousands of times before they get reported and removed. As a o proceed: The image of the 'Momo that when watching one Momo related can be deeply distressing to ideo, we were shown countless other Momo themed videos and other scar content which would be age-inappropriat or children under 18 children and young people and i the harmful content doesn't appear unti partway through the video. important to note that it may slip through parental settings and filter National 5Sntine Top Tips for Parents TELLTHEM IT'S NOTREALİİ DEVICESETTINGS& y,the conceptPARENTAL CONTROLS REPORT & BLOCK You can't always rely on parental controls to block ike any urban legend or horr ns YouTube you can turn off'suggested auto-play'on BE PRESENT malicious to provide evidence in order to PEER PRESSURE FURTHERSUPPORT Speak to the safeguarding lead within your ch ac TALKREGULARLYWITHor nother toasenaryourchidseline t YOUR CHILD REAL OR HOAX? ey know whe ngs you see online that may be harmf listen to anything that's worrying will encourage you issues and concerns they may have related to the online world what you share as it may only cause more worry 0800 1 ttps//www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/sick-videos-youtube-youtube-kids-14052196 ttps//www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-47359623 Phone-0800 368 8061 www.nationalonlinesafety.com Twitter-@natonlinesafety Facebook-/NationalOnlineSafe "Momo" parents guide, found a stack of them at baby gym today

"Momo" parents guide, found a stack of them at baby gym today

Dating, Dumb, and Fake: iPad 10:37 pm a pof.com Interests Gematria Reading RELAXING Chaldean Numerology Etymology Sleeping Sacred geometry Torah Doing as little as possible as often as possible Mathematics Eth Cepher Youtubecom/channel/UCD2LkeT Chemistry KJV SNii9y_XhEJ5eKeg Biometrics Walking About Aaron Haywood Healthy as can possibly be & enjoying life. If you're the type of person who watches the news and can't tell it's mostly scripted and fake or follows the political Hegelian dialectic and can't tell they're mostly actors and it's all scripted and fake or follows public figures ie. actors, musicians, talking heads etc. and can't tell they're all fake and put on for the dumb mASSES then chances are you're dumb as a box of rocks and you would do well to stay away from me so I don't destroy your fantasies or reality. I cook my own food, clean my own mess & iron my own shirt so I don't really have any use for a female long-term Conversation Starters (i.e. what you'd like to do on a first date...) I'm sure we'll find plenty to talk about if you're not a programmed dummy. View Our Interaction The View Interaction feature allows you to see all your POF history with another user, including whether you've messaged them before, or if they have viewed your profile. Upgrade Now! Extended Profile To see aaronhaywood1985's extended profile Upgrade Now! Add to Favorites! Message aaronhaywood1985 Now! Send a Gift Now! Free Online Dating| I Inbox I Newest Users | Search | Viewed Me | My Matches | Meet Me View users similar to aaronhavwood1985. Report User
Advice, Alive, and Bucket List: 55 CONVERSATION STARTERS 1) Who had the biggest impact on you while you were growing up? 2) What are your hobbies? 3) If you could have dinner with any 3 people (dead or alive), who would they be and why? 4) What sorts of things make you laugh? 5) What is your biggest goal? Do you have any pet peeves? 7) What do you like to do on the weekend? 8) Have you ever had a nickname? And if so, what was the story behind it? 9) What was your favorite tv show while you were growing up? 10) What are your favorite tv shows no 11) What are your favorite movies? 12) Tell me one thing that would surprise me about you 13) What do you look for most in a girl? 14) Tell me about what were you like as a kid 15) What are some of the items on your bucket list? 16) Have you found your calling? If so, what is it? 17) Who has been the biggest influence in your life? 18) Do you now - or have you ever had any pets? And if so, tell me more about them? 19) Tell me about a challenge that you've had to overcome and how you overcame it. 20) If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what ould it be and why? ) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? 22) If you could only watch one tv show for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? 23) If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? 24) Tell me about your favorite childhood memory and what made it so special to you 25) What is your favorite commercial that you've ever seen and why? 26) If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be? 27) If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could only bring one thing, what would it be and why? 28) Who is your celebrity crush? 29) Who is your favorite music artist? 30) What is your favorite music genre? 31) What is your favorite Broadway musical? 32) What is your favorite cartoon? 33) What is your favorite musical album? 34) What is your favorite color? 35) What would you do if you won a million dollars? 36) If you could have one superpower, what would it be? 37) What would be your superhero name? 38) What would be your dream vacation? 39) Which actor/actress would play you in a movie about your life? 40) Where did you grow up? 41) If you could be on any reality tv show, which one would it be? 42) If you could trade lives with anybody for a day, who would it be and why? 43) What's your favorite book? 44 Who's your favorite author? 45) Who is your favorite YouTuber? 46) What's your favorite reality tv show? 47) What's your favorite tv game show? 48) Which celebrity do you most admire and why? 49) What are some of your favorite childhood memories? 50) What countries have you traveled to? 51) What is your favorite drink? 52) What is your favorite restaurant? 53) Do you like to cook? 54) Do you have any hobbies? If so, what are they and what do you like about them? GorgeouslyFlawedLife.com