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America, Ash, and Books: THE CRYSTAL BIBLE Hall OSTA RA A PRACTICAL CUIDET TOTHe RUNES The Path -Christian Witch CHAKRAS CRYSTALS For Beginners POND For Beginners KENNER witchcraften, a Shoestring : * Blake , * LITTL -WHITE SPELLS MODERN WITCHCRAFI Book of Love Spells A MODEAN-DAY wHITE WITcH'S GUIDE The Witchs Brom Blak Witchs Grimoire usp Anm ork Silver's Spells for PROSPERITY RavenWoll ARRET--> THE CHEROKEE HERBAL Silver's Spells fer LOVE THE WICCAN YEAR 2攤 The Good Cat Spell Book KEMP WICCAfor BEGINNERS SABIN Al Sylvan The Circle Within PAXSON THE WAy OF THE ORACLE acer AL1715 By Oak, Ash,&ChoRn Conway DRUH-D--P-O V/ E R-一wolf e @ THE BOoR OF CRYSTAL SPELLS GRANT THE DRUID MAGIC Greer Handbook in the shadow of 13 moons ShermanCook ENCHANTMENT of the FAERIE REALM Andrews EMBRACING THE MOON。 Galenorn-I DANCING WITH THE SUN Galenorn e THE MODERN GUIDE TO WilChcPali Tarol imoire . 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ANIMAL MAGICK king withFaili s CoNWAYO Working with Familiars MAIDEN, MOTHER, CRONE CONWAY AS CRYSTAL, GEM & METAL MACIC O The Complete Book of Incense, Oils &Brews Cunningham O CUNNINGHAM'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MAGICAL HERBS HEALING POWER of Faerya 댜 WICCA FOR ONE.nRAYMOND BUCKLAND E EES STARHAWK THE SPIRAL DANCE GREERTHE Druidry Handbook SOLITARY WICCA FOR LIFE Muphy Murphy-Hiscock GREEN WITCHCRAFT MOUIEAO A LITTLE BIT OF CRYSTALS - EASON STERLING ETHOs LITTLE BIT OF BUDDHA MERCREE STERLING ETHOS A LITTLE BIT OF DRGAMS MWeNABL The MAGICAL HOUSEHOLD HARINGTON Mageal JERAS CUNNINGHAM AL7715 DRAWING DOWN THE MOON WITCHES, DRUIDS GODDESS-WORSHIPPERS AND OTHER PAGANS IN AMERICA STARHAWKTHE EARTH PATHe TEEN SPIRIT WICCA DAVID SALISBURY Silvers Spells for Profectio EARTH, AIR, FIRE & WATER Cunningham EARTH POWER Ravenwolf Cunningham The Book of babotns STERLING ETHOS Everyday Moon Magic MORRISON EVERYDAY MAGIC Morrison Everyday Sun Magic MORRISON if you want to be 0W ITCH McCoy YORAIN S LITTLE, BROWN THE STATIONS OF THE SUN THE TRIUMPH OF THE MOON oLitar TO STIR A MAGICK CAULDRON TO LIGHTA SACRED FLAN TO RIDE A SILVER BROOMSTICK ulf FAERY CRAF ING D dvanced ltfitchcraft Celtic Myth & Magick McCoy Zoncing unth raqopj BUCKLAND'S COMPLETE BOOK OF WITCHCRAFT D. 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Conwav WITCHCRAFT THE PATH OF DRUIDRY BILLINGTON ANIMAL SPEAK ANDREWS TEEN WITCH RAVENWOLF MOON MAGICK CONWA HALLOWEEN RAVENWOLF WICCA TEACHINGS ANNTRODUCTİON AND PRACTICAL GuDE TONY BELL ngels COMPANIONS IN MAGICK RAVEN WOLF ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NATURAL MAGIC GREER Oi DITCH Blaks Book op Ritual Grimoire for the Green Witch MOURA CİRCLe, coven &. g CHRISTOPAGANISM HIGGINBOTHAM THE CRAFT AWTCHDBOOK, A MORRISON Al Rove slake ARTE SPELLCRAFT FOR A MAGICAL YEAR <p><a href="https://ergiinmiddleearth.tumblr.com/post/165468566165/northern-seidmadr-mystic-starseed" class="tumblr_blog">ergiinmiddleearth</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="http://northern-seidmadr.tumblr.com/post/165466440589/mystic-starseed-lunarecord-mystic-starseed" class="tumblr_blog">northern-seidmadr</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="http://mystic-starseed.tumblr.com/post/165460846122/lunarecord-mystic-starseed" class="tumblr_blog">mystic-starseed</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="http://lunarecord.tumblr.com/post/165459819916/mystic-starseed-oracleandmagickwithlily" class="tumblr_blog">lunarecord</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="http://mystic-starseed.tumblr.com/post/165459765367/oracleandmagickwithlily-mystic-starseed" class="tumblr_blog">mystic-starseed</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="http://oracleandmagickwithlily.tumblr.com/post/165459630532/mystic-starseed-oracleandmagickwithlily" class="tumblr_blog">oracleandmagickwithlily</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="http://mystic-starseed.tumblr.com/post/165458290202/oracleandmagickwithlily-yes-i-am-trash" class="tumblr_blog">mystic-starseed</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="http://oracleandmagickwithlily.tumblr.com/post/165457804792/yes-i-am-trash-oracleandmagickwithlily-all-my" class="tumblr_blog">oracleandmagickwithlily</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="https://yes-i-am-trash.tumblr.com/post/165456466302/oracleandmagickwithlily-all-my-witchcraft-and" class="tumblr_blog">yes-i-am-trash</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="http://oracleandmagickwithlily.tumblr.com/post/165204911637/all-my-witchcraft-and-wicca-books-i-got-2" class="tumblr_blog">oracleandmagickwithlily</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>All my Witchcraft and Wicca books. I got 2 currently on Order but yeah…lol…hope you can read them okay</p></blockquote> <p>Chakras are cultural appropriation </p> </blockquote> <p>I read on all kinds of topics, I don’t always do the topics I read on. I’m not gonna not learn something just due to the color of my skin. Knowledge is knowledge. </p> </blockquote> <p class="npf_quirky" data-npf='{"subtype":"quirky"}'>Acknowledging and working with your chakras is not cultural appropriation 🌠</p> </blockquote> <p>Exactly! If I read on it and then mocked them or where they came from, then there would be an issue. I’m not gonna avoid learning just because I am white. That’s stupid. </p> </blockquote> <p>I totally agree! Don’t let naysayers get to ya 😄🌠💖</p> </blockquote> <p>well stealing and using someones culture as if it were your own is definitely cultural appropriation. gotta unfollow sorry</p> </blockquote> <p class="npf_quirky" data-npf='{"subtype":"quirky"}'>Working with your chakras (that every human being has) is not stealing culture from anyone 🌠</p> <p>and if you gotta unfollow someone for having a completely unproblematic viewpoint on something that is essentially a non-issue, fine by me 🖑</p> </blockquote> <p>So hey, here’s some people to unfollow or block for shitty reactions to a call out on appropriation 👌</p> </blockquote> <p>Its rare to see a pile in which a Tin Bird Dog book isn’t the worst.  😂 </p> <p>Seriously though. “Energy points” is not a less magical term, and it has less colonial baggage. Its also more versatile, especially for New Age tangents. </p> </blockquote>