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Where do I begin: "okay, AI Insig by Alys Mo boomer" fun or e of bored rests bei perspect environ reaching "Ok. Boomer' has become the internet's favorite way to shun d factually incorrect arguments from Baby Boomers,. The Generation Gap photo by Aabley H closer look at the generational division between Baby Boomers and Millennials/Generation Z year at I provide trying to have an honest dialogue while assuming the best intentions Boomer' became a thing is because we tried to have that conversatiion Mr. Bertenshaw, a baby boomer, agrees that "there has alw by Ashley Habcrberger Reporter is the best way to lessen that difference. Part of the whole reason Ok never e Link C it fthe e Tension betwween generations has always been a part of our society. ny does the division berween Baby Boomers and Millennials/Gen. feel so big? also ens we're m and they didn't listen," Eversole said With advancements being made in science, technology, and social Ice almost every day, the world is changing (for the better), and hose not raised in this "modern cra," it can be hard to catch up. passion passion Ke been a kind of battle or war between generations." In co year bu works y boomers to Gen Z or millennials, he feels it is, "L dia has classro "That's so fetch." “These are no spirit fingers. These are spirit fingers, and these are gold." “What we do in life echoes in eternity." “Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?" “One does not “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood Nobodyl" «L am Iron Man." “Puny God." "Yep, tháu me!" "You get view is great. Alviiiiin!" “You're a wizard, Harry" «Who lives in a pineapple under the sea. "You're wrong- Ogres are like onions." "This is Sparta!" "You gonna eat your tots? Just kee swimming." I volunteer as tribute." "With great power comes great responsibility. oney where's my super suit?" “Why so serious?" "I'm gonna steal the Declaration of Independence "You sit on a throne of lies." "You're tearing mẹ apart, Lisa!" “She doesn't even go here!" The 104 days of summer vacation..." "You like jazz?" "Ugh, as if!" "Well then, good luck Charli What's Gibby thinking about?" “SHEcago, Chicago!" "Hi, I'm Bella Thorne, and this is the of the time I..." "Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya Del a Rosa Ramirez." "And you're watchi simply walk into Mordor.» « My Precious » «This is nor a democracy, it's a cheerocracy. ככ the best of both worlds " "You've gor a friend in me." "Life's a climb, but the Disney Channel!" Where do I begin

Where do I begin

Chaotic Good: "My IG [Instagram] got deleted, my family disowned me, and the guy I like won't talk to me all because of that tweet. But f**k it, save the koalas." Photo / @lilearthangelk / Twitter "My IG [Instagram] got deleted, my family disowned me, and the guy I like won't talk to me all because of that tweet," she posted on Sunday. "But f**k it, save the koalas." "Guys I am crying, this is f***king crazy". THE NAKED PHILANTHROPIST @lilearthangelk - Jan 3, 2020 I'm sending nudes to every person who donates atleast $10 to any one of these fundraisers for the wildfires in Australia. Every $10 you donate = one nude picture from me to your DM. You must send me confirmation that you donated. Please RT #AustraliaOnFire #AustraliaFires Here aa tewways you can seport the case Theed logether Newcestte epen oors tor cat Central Const endter aey NEW RES NGW wtnngovonteeioon-ye rigade CrA Camy eutharity) C) Faeand a HELP t HaresM FRE ECLATION PET ASTAN GrVIT - Goeds for Cood Ceuses QLD & NONO hwwngivt.orga sA Cay e Service I h veundaice.ogdonate Koala ospita Port Mace h gundcoh deve ecetre Australan ked Croes ed Servioe Cant denate money ar ite Consider daruting blood he wdonatblood com RENCS Rary at t Cevty Service Rotary Bushtre Aspea: htpans.og wWF-usa hepwtg eency tie KealanCa Thee Ceve Antralan ed Cros Dterlet http dcro.ogacaoalgraenaster relet-and-recoverybusvires yauomne yo no at S below Service EN Anirance for buaht conu hewenionnge ommte Now oeefte Ver p egeny Virege h mgen ainga Depentofhm Servie he nsevees g The Salverion Army Austrate Dster Apl hetpawalanionamy.orgadonanmaka-a doraiononateoi dto Vinnies Antalie nre hrtpdanate vinniesorgancpeais-nainies- owbuieace Austratan Lion Foente heps wglenon.com. slantonstoundaion Donate to evecuation centre: hp wamegency.rego ethe communitydisaerasistanceorte November-201anp Chaotic Good

Chaotic Good

Built my first PC today!: ARSENAL GAMING SLENT X8L TR. GEFORCE TWIN FROZR uter NOTENrorevered to taB the c y y w the tan facing do , Howen, yo com plac oower piy at e bottom at the ca ano there ere no ve PHome veable, n n facing up tor oreter ienny sera rell y Power Supply te t to ineta the power supply wih the 650M / Power Supply A Conne tro 24Pen ATX be to the POU and the mothe EVGA. 21see tivere are more than tour screw holes on the bacof e power toy the p ecrew, ore ome misong? A Nothing ie e wis only eend to etech the EVOA poe ppgto tthe ca o. Conneat te 4+4-Pin EPS1eV cable ta the motertsoard. (Optional)-t you plan on extreme overolocking nd ve mO ard supports additional -Pin or onty needed for heavy everclcking or ler Dual CPPU mot GPU Dower connect the second 4+4-P y cable. This is oce thn(4) hoo to provide optimal compatbiy fo todys v tvoA Power BUpply includes EPS les tor my ometscard, do Pin EPS connection On some adels pewer pony A Motherooards onty require ()44 or connection on te mothertioard may be tound tor dual CPU congunicine 6 Connect the 6/0+2-Pin PCI-E cables to your graptics cardi NOTE Do not attempt to plug en B-Pin PCIE cable irto a P conrector without first detaching the two extra pina ple ret your mothe motherboedd Te dual A4Pin EPS cowe o what ie he ECO Thermal Control System e tco Themal Controt BysteRS, when onatod, oown ng tow to noderale operation loads The EVGA pow ool ed, beod on the temperature the power upply re ed on ve toad opeation being quested Srom the compon ba reduces ambiend noise ovets and will Inorease the life npan ot a on the proper function and pow of the EPS connectior your El lan will 7 Connect BATA power cablen to all data drives or optical d hard drivon, solid state drives, optical drives). when not required ee Noe It the ECO Thermal Control is cnabled rease in APM as heoded autonmatically, bomed on the power dra be 8. Connect the peripheral "Molex" 4-Pin connectors tor tans, pumps. o what want to ue power adapters fon my cra A EVGA alevasys recommends the ue ot direct power cone legacy cormponents and other devices/adapters Ye the connections going to the power tuupipy w eA have and fumB-Pin on te other, Check each cable an t is labe O poes i ematter which end of the cable I plg to the power 9. Connect the AC power cord to your power supply and to the we Check all conneotions to assure a nolid conanection and ture power awitch on the power suppty to the ON position. d connect only the same "matching" catle directy the p O.HIhave an issue or a question, can i get ssuppon? A ALL EVGA products e backed by top ter warreri s for your powver supply at USA: B8B-B81-3842. option 1, opfi3. or curth u Europe t49 89 109.049.11or by emsil vi uega.com English 4. CORSAIR CORSAIR AMDA AMDA MAX L TOMAHAWK Built my first PC today!

Built my first PC today!