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Blade, Church, and Crazy: vinebox i'm so in love with this bath bomb pocmemes jojo @cloutboyjojoo i should get baptized with this in my pocket...the whole church gone go crazy World Champ JR E @HarlemGetsMoney Replying to @cloutboyjojoo **water turns black The church: cry is trash13 I had a server tell me about how he was harassed into going to a church baptism ceremony by a not so close friend and to get them off his back he agreed He decided some time before that of he was going to be forced to do this her might as well have fun with it right? So he goes to lush and buys one of the black bath bombs, and cuts it in haf Now fast forward to the day of and he is wearing a small hamess under his shirt that is keeping both haves of the bath bomb one either shoulder blade He volunteers to get baptised They take him up put him in the white robe and then he waits for his turn. Now the friend who invited him had no clue what he is doing. They are pleasantly surprised to see him participating Honestly. A mistake on their part I only knew this guy for a max of 45 minutes and I could already tell this dude was a chaos entity So his turn comes up and they go to dunk him and the water immediately starts to foam and turn black and he starts screaming like a banchee jumps out the water and hisses at the priest Everyone fucking lost it and her was banned from ever attending that church again So yeah all in all seems like a great thing to do for a hilarious story Source vinebox2 82,219 notes The Baptism of the Anti Christ (colourized, year unknown)