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Af, Gif, and Love: ansf2.00ativ deos po an 25000 fandoms izhunny: expectogladiolus: phiralovesloki: kiralamouse: coaldustcanary: transformativeworks: العربية • Bahasa Indonesia • català • Čeština • dansk • Deutsch • Ελληνικά • English • español • français • italiano • magyar • Nederlands • norsk • polski • português brasileiro • português europeu • Română • Русский • svenska • Wikang Filipino • 中文 AO3 has reached 25,000 fandoms! To celebrate, we’ve put together info about fandom tags and how all tags work: https://goo.gl/W4wPxH Hey folks who use AO3 - please read and reblog widely. In addition to the celebration of our 25,000th canonical fandom, this post contains some great tips for making our tagging system work for you. As a Support Staffer and Tag Wrangler for AO3, I beg you: Among the tips: Separate your / and & ships / is for romantic and/or sexual relationships. & is for platonic relationships only – ones that are neither sexual nor romantic. (Pre- and Post-Relationship are still /.) & was created for those Gen fans who don’t want anything non-platonic in the ships they’re searching for. You can help both Gen fans and shippers by carefully choosing the tag that matches your work! Look, I know you’re writing a slow burn where the friendship aspect of the relationship is important. I applaud that; I love it in my romantic pairings. But it’s a /, not a &. Please save & for those of us who want to find the three truly and purely gen fics for a popular romantic ship. Folks, I LOVE AO3, please read and share! As someone relatively new to using AO3, I did not really realise this. *goes back to check tags* THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS.  TAG WRANGLING: For Pairings / is for romantic or sexual relationships & is for platonic, non-romantic, non-sexual relationships

izhunny: expectogladiolus: phiralovesloki: kiralamouse: coaldustcanary: transformativeworks: العربية • Bahasa Indonesia • català • Češ...

Microsoft, True, and Break: OTHER PROGRAMMERS VS ME THEIR CODE MY CODE var joinResult from dataRowl in FormReportDataTable. As Enumerable () join dataRow2 in dtFormsCategories. As Enumerable () on dataRow1["FormID" ] equals dataRow2["ObjectID"] into tempResult from resultRow in tempResult.Default If Empty (drFormsCaregory) join EntityRow in dtEntities.As Enumerable () on (Guid)dataRow1["EntityID"] equals (Guid)EntityRow"ID" into tempResult2 from resultRow2 in tempResult2. Default I f Empty() join CategoryRow in dtCategories.As Enumerable () on (Guid)resultRow[ "CategoryID" ) equals (Guid)CategoryRow[ " ID" ] into tempResult3 from resultRow3 in tempResult3.DefaultIfEmpty() if C ) bark); 3 select new { SubPortalName resultRow3 null? string. Empty: result Ro (dataRowlnull | dataRowi["FormID"]- DBNU11.v FormID FormName (data Rowl null |l dataRowl["FormName "] DBNu CategoryID (result Row null |resultRow[ "CategoryID"].E FormGroupVisible (dataRow1 -null | dataRowl["FormGroupV FormActions (dataRow1 null | dataRow1["FormActions " ] EntityVisible resultRow2 == null false true, QUESTIONS MY QUESTIONS THEIR What is the good RMSE (root-mean-square-error) value range to justify the efficiency of multivariate linear regression model? How do you type the upside down q? Asked today Viewed 254 times Asked today Viewed 3 times THEIR ERRORS My ERRORS Error List X1 Error 2 Warnings Entire Solution Microsoft Visual Studio Code Description Managed Debugging Assistant 'FatalExecutionEngineError has detected a problem in 'CUserssv17386 Desktop Csharp RefProp_cs_Examples bin Debug RefProp cs Examples.exe CS1002 A CS0168 You forgot the semicolon again. Idiot The variable 'e' is declared but never used Additional information: The runtime has encountered a fatal error. The address of the error was at Oxe4737ba2, on thread 0x24dc. The error code is Oxc0000005. This A CS0168 The variable 'e1' is declared but never used error may be a bug in the CLR or in the unsafe or non-verifiable portions of user code. Common sources of this bug include user marshaling errors for COM-interop or PInvoke, which may corrupt the stack. Break when this exception type is thrown Break and open Exception Settings Continue Break Ignore DEJMAN [OC] What the hell is a stack overflow anyway?

[OC] What the hell is a stack overflow anyway?

Family, Lol, and Zero: Code Written By A CS 101 Student public int fibonacci (int x) { if (x 1) return 1 else if (x 2) ( return 1; ) else fibonacci (x - 2 ) ; return fibonacci (x 1) Code Written At A Hackathon public int getFibonacciNumber (int switch (n) n) case 1: return 1; case 2: return 1A case 3: return 2 case 4 return 3 case 5: return 5 case 6: return B case 7: return 13; default: good enough for the demo, lol return -1 Code Written At A Startup 1TODO add Javadoc comments getFibonacciNumber TODO Should we move this to a different file? public int getFibonacciNumber (int n) /TODO Stack may overflow with recursive implementation, switch over to // iteration approach at some point? if (n0) /TODO This should probably throw an exception. Or maybe just print // a log message? return-1 ) else if (n 0) ( TODO Generalize the initial conditions? return 0 ) else if (n 1) return 1; else /TODO Spend some time with my family and kids, I've been at work for /over 48 hours straight return getFibonacciNumber (n 1) + getFibonnaciNumber (n - 2) Code Written At A Large Company getFibonacciNumber is a method that, given some index n, returns the nth Fibonacci number. eparam n The index of the Fibonacci number you wish to retrieve. return The nth Fibonacci number. public CustomInteger 64 getFibonacciNumber (CustomInteger64 n) FibonacciDataViewBuilder builder FibonacciDataViewBuilderFactory.create FibonacciDataViewBuilder new FibonacciDataViewBuilderParams (n, null, null, if (builder = FibonacciDataViewBuilderConstants.ERROR_STATE) throw new FibonacciDataViewBuilderFactoryException FibonacciDataView dataView builder.GenerateFibonacciDataView (this) if (dataView FibonacciDataViewConstants.ERROR STATE) throw new FibonacciDataViewGenerationException return dataView.accessNext FibonacciNumber (null, null, null) Code Written By A Math Ph.D. public int getFibonacciNumber (int n) return (int) divide (subtract (exponentiate (phi ), subtract (phi , psi ))): n), exponentiate (psi ), n)), public double exponentiate (double a, double b) if (equal (b, zero )) return one () else ( return multiply (a, exponentiate (a, subtract (b, one ())) ) 1 public double phi) return divide (add (one , sqrt (add (one , one (, one , one , one ()))), add (one ( one ())) public double psi () ( return subtract (one (), phi)) Code Written By Your Cat public static final int UNITE - 1; public static final int UNITED= 2 meowwnn meow public int meow (int KITTENS_OF_THE_WORLD) { //MEOW if (KITTENS_OF_THE_WORLD < UNITED) { return KITTENS_OF_THE_WORLD else meeoowwwwwwwnw //meoooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww return meow (KITTENS OF THE WORLD - UNITE) meow (KITTENS OF THE_WORLD UNITED) 6 types of programmers

6 types of programmers