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Hims and Hers: Emerges MATRIX The Ultimate Nourishing& Volumizing System combines best-in-class science to restore thinning hair to its natural health and beauty. The wts axelusively for women experiencing thinning hair or loss of volume. It was developed to support the strength d promote scalp health riE KERANIQUE d prone to breakage conditioner system to help these issues STEP 2 FOLLICLE BOOSTING SERUM A breakthrough strength building hair and follicle treatment t strengthens and fortes thin or thinning ha, helps thicken the hair ber, and upports the health of hair and scala t forted with Keratin Amino Comples Use daly to increase the appearsnce of thicker, fuller haic KERANIQUE CLNC STGTH fde SHAMPOO forls that gerdly cleanses thens and thickens hait n Complex INREDENTS W(A oye Oyren PEG 7 Gc Co PO12 D e over Ec, Hydynd K dVeg Pro PG Proy Pas Geng o Ert Aus Ma oot Exc Hyd Sy Poten Hy ce PoPya 1 uPar G Hyd Ch Hyd Ceona e C ap Ocy Bly ntesive Over Repair Sr 1ooicals N CONDITIONER STEP 3 DAILY ESSENTIALS FOR HEALTHY-LOOKING HAIR DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS deigd h ds of w thinngh le youleo thicker powerful peptides,this penetrates hair to help repairs the haisouter frizz&breakng helping to store shine Light gel formula every ime you shampoo OFT STYLE Speciically created for women with fre or thinning hai Kerani Daly Eentials detary supplements supply hey nutrients to promote healthy har ach packette contains one B-Complete Dely Essentials capsule and one Beta Carotene Boost Helps support hair growth EAN BIOTIN 5& Minanidi Tapical Solution USP NDC 71730-042-08 Ply p0000 M USER h e d Pro nt-'Do you looks grea eady for po find your u healthy ha our hair with our hair, give yo wow you We ting the he promise y hair ny real hair 29-Actre the t hims calp. W yoursel hims NATURA 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution, USP hims hims hims extra strength for men entrmant RLASH M forhims.com forhims.com forhims.com forhims.com forhims.com forhims.com US124 m) forhims.com forhims.com forhims.com forhims.com thanks to science, baldness can be optional. hims this combination of products covers all the bases to keep your hair, if you're into that. Mdof Aa als el dp ywaysm dplea eshy health dage thn ate gely ates the alpwith d d dsto h and wih a lf s and up the at irwl to e bee f to weigh f do wle idis 1opient sntion usp,2% Ths ma l ghe aiad he nd ar E g F a Mak ga N6%OLOR FOR 75 USESI hers sexy hair hers minoxidi topical solution op,2% COLOR F ww sexy hair OR LOCK APOD 77 %86 % NILOO PUSH DOWN & TURN hers TURN hers EW CLOSE TIGHT CONDITIONER hers minoxidil topical solution usp, 2% hair regrowth treatment hers hers hers hers forhers.com forhera.com forhers.com forhers.com forhers.com forhers.com forhers.com forhers.com forhers.com forhers.com Hair loss looks different on us. hers The complete 3-steP process fo keep your hair happy, healthy and in place I30JNTlte G CHE SEMES TGUATG AIR ATURELS 4 NOUIN TGUITG H ll: & TURN DO 025 Hims and Hers

Hims and Hers