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srsfunny:The Perfect Excuse Creator: THE EXCUSE CREATOR CHOOSE A CHOOSE A PERPETRATOR DELAYING FACTOR CHOOSE A + LEAD-IN □ I'm sorry but D Please forgive me... O Beg you a thousand par Godzilla gave me a hickey tried to kill me. ran me over with a diesel 凵your 1110111 Princess Peach." loe □ the offensive line of the 76 Dallas Cowboys... a handicapped gentle- I died in front of nie □ ate my homework. □ I'm never usually like maun... You're never going to believe this... beat me into submission ne □ the inventor of the slan- | hid my Trapper Keeper □ ロ Guess what hap- en 1 sole inv bicycle. slept with my uncle. called ine "too gay to fly □ the direct or of 101 Dal- maions... □ Holy shit! Get this." O Boy do I have a story for the little Asian kid from □ Indiana Jones.. □ a kite," whatever that a man with 6 fingers or his right hand... g □ So I was nunding my own | business and boom!. D stole my identity ! lhe most unbelievable thing just happened... □ I my mo broke into my house. □ Raiden from! Mortal Komba. □ put Ine in a Chinese finger □ I couldn't be more apolo- □ Sorry I'm late □ I couldn't go because □ □ This is a terrible excuse a Mayor McCheese.. 1c caine after me Scrooge MclDuck.. g the ghost of Margaret . D came on me. I tested racial slurs from my Thatcher... I couldn't help it.. 0 the ghost of Hitler.. □ spin-kicked lne in the ! Ghost Dad. co ut □ the entire Rollan tied to sell me vacuum D This is going to sound 2 Eampire... cleaners. crapped in my gas tank made me golf in shoes filled with macaroni and O Holy Moses!... 2 O Kevin Ware's leg bone... a British chap... □ Blimey! Sorry, l'in late vnha. □ a Hasidic Jew." My bad 6 Kevin Spacey. pulled me over in a stolen □ I swear it wasn't my fault ! □ Kevin Costner's stunt cop car and demandeed fellatio. double.. □ I lost track of time | □ □ kept telling me knock made me find Jesus. Kevin McCallister's real life fake tarantuala... □ I feel terrible, but D the editors at Mandato □ Don't blame nie you should probably go to TheMetaPicture.com srsfunny:The Perfect Excuse Creator