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America, cnn.com, and Community: FILL THIS BUS WITH ILLEIEALS, YOTE MICHAEL WILL NS 85 La Greenville WILLIAMS STAY BACK 1000 FEET MOLESTORS, AND OTHER 1000 FEET FOLLOW ME TO MEXICO MICHAEL "r-in-no -OR GOVERNOR , PHARMACY GA VOTES STO arkfon means POLICE hichal RJNG22 DE PORT WE ARE ALL ILLEGALt TODOS SOMOS ILE GALES WILLIAMS NEIC ILL THIS BUS ITALS T MMIGRANTS REFUGEES MAKE AMERICA GREA swunrants OUR Ily VOTE WILLIAMS GOVERNOR DANGER! MU Kl MOE CR STS LD THER RD WHYIS MICHAEL WILLIAMS So SCARED OF BROWN PEOPLE? STAY 1000 Hate Bus in Clarkstonl FOLL TO MEX ae magistrate-of-mediocrity: wemblingfool: foxnewsfuckfest: brehaaorgana: solacekames: solacekames: Well, the hate bus started its tour today. At the first stop in Clarkston, the bus was met by at least two hundred local protesters. Williams had only two supporters in attendance.  The hate bus was late showing up, late rolling out, and despite his slogan of “#FearlessConservative” Williams was too scared to get out of the bus and talk to anyone who actually lived in the community. What a chickenshit. Update: The hate bus, already way behind schedule because Cracker Barrel banned it from their parking lots, broke down in Dalton, Georgia (Michael Williams blamed “radical liberals” for putting water in the tank). But they finally got it running again only to be greeted by a mariachi band in Dahlonega today: MARIACHI BAND RESISTANCE 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Do not fuck with Southerners. Sending a mariachi bamd to greet him is scottish tier “fuck you.” Williams also told local new iutlets that his schedule was delayed because he was being harassed by MS13 members. He said the Sheriff’s department had to defend him against attacks. When the reporters followed up with the Sheriff’s department said that no such incident ever took place.