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Food, Homeless, and Life: major impact in the food world CAN www.ma man-cans.com 8BQ pit www.man-cans.com Pizza :HART MAIN Hart Main, 17, was so fed up with his sister's flowery candles a few years ago that he decided to make his own. He created ManCans: candles with rugged smells (like campfire or coffee) that come in soup cans. To collect the cans, Hart buys soup and donates the contents : to homeless shelters. He sells his candles online, and to date he has provided 80,000 meals to soup kitchens in four ee more ing culinary n Rachael vs. ids Cook-off, emiering gust I7 at states. man-cans.com MIKAILA ULMER reinwulf: renegadebusiness: angryisokay: c-a-bergamot: Deleting all comments because only in this site you will find people throwing shit at a 17 year old boy who has voluntarily fed 80'000 people by starting his own business because he has a very particular idea lf masculinity which happens to threat only people with paper feelings. His business has a line of ‘SheCans’ with names like ‘Unstoppable’, ‘Awesome’, ‘Fearless’ and ‘Beautiful’. Anyone who is bitter about this kid’s business needs to step back and reevaluate their life. ^^Reblogging again because of that comment also this article is misleading. there is nothing on the site that says the lad was “sick of his sister’s flowery candles” he got the idea from his sister who was selling them for a school fundraiser and wanted more scents that appealed to him, as the overwhelming majority of scented candles are marketed towards women.
Abc, Girls, and Money: ooo Verizon 9:27 PM O 71%) a Search ABC News NEWS 5 hrs. 14-year-old Utah teen gives every girl in his school a Valentine's Day chocolate to let them know that they are "special and unique" after learning about high rates of depression in young teen girls. Utah teen gives chocolates to all 537 girls in school ABC News 16K Shares Like Comment share Write a comment... Post reachmouse: buttermilk-thegoat: Don’t read the comments on this article. The kid did it because he was learning about how teenage girls suffer from depression more than any other age group, and didn’t want any girls going home feeling sad on Valentine’s Day. Ofc half the comments are like “what an EPIC playa, bet he got some action after that hahaha” or “why do these special snowflakes need a handout like this” or “what kind of Richie Rich kid” (chocolate company donated the boxes after learning why he wanted so much) Like… why is humanity like this THIS BURNS MY BACON, LET ME SHARE WHY.  At the school where I work, we had a similar lovely Valentine’s moment:  One of our seniors bought hundreds of roses on Valentine’s Day. Every girl in every grade got one; there were enough left over for staff and extras for others who might want one. This is our library bouquet.  One year ago, our school lost a student to suicide. As Valentine’s Day was approaching, this sad anniversary was all our student body was talking about and remembering. This senior student decided to try to lift us up from that narrative, and literally fill the halls with flowers. The surprise was carried out flawlessly – even his own sister didn’t know what he was about to do.  I have rarely seen a happier school holiday.  I’ve seen EXACTLY those comments on social media about what happened with us, and about similar gestures from high school students. Lots of “spoiled kids with money”, lots of “this is just to get laid”.  I don’t think this diminishes my senior student or his gesture at all, but it diminishes us when good things happen and we turn around and reduce these moments to their most cynical interpretation. And that’s not even touching on what it says when people feel the need to belittle younger people for trying to do good; the kids can’t catch a break from some people. Can’t we take sweet things at face value the way we do all the darkness out there lately? 
Bad, Bitch, and Fucking: dusty-purple I just love the myth of Persephone, i mean the real, original version of it, because it's not like she got kidnapped, no, this bitch was la-de-da-ing in a meadow and she just happened to find an entrance to the Underworld and she was like "Imma check this out. And she just wanders into the Underworid and discovers that hey this place ain't too bad Meanwhile Hades is in the background??2?? UM??? PRETTY GIRL?? WHY ARE YOU HERE?????? YOU AREN'T DEAD??? And Persephone (who was originally called Kore just a little fyi) just looked at him and said "I like it here. I'm staying." And Hades kinda just went with it, until Demeter started throwing the temper tantrum of the millenium upstairs and Zeus had to intervene because this shit was getting out of hand and its actually his job to be admistrator of justice Which considering the shit he gets up to is kinda histerical but that's another story there. And basically Persephone wasn't a prisoner or kidnap victim at all she just really loved the Underworld and her (eventual) husband, and the Greeks feared her arguably more than her husband because Hades could be reasoned with but Persephone was the one laying the smack down on sinners and really, who wouldn't be at least a little scared of someone who's name means something along the lines of "the destroyer Basically, Persephone is amazing and everbody needs to get on her level garnetthefirst i think the best part of that myth is that Zeus decided to change Kore's name to Persephone (basically "the one who brings chaos") only because she wanted to stay in the underworld and SHE WOULDN'T FUCKING LISTEN then Zeus, all-mighty king of the gods, kinda gives up and goes fine, but you're going to visit your mom "also, I changed your name "get rekt achillvs Also, if I'm not mistaken, Kore means little girl so imagine going from that to "chaos bringer parzifalsjudgment I mean, going from little girl to chaos bringer sounds like a p solid deal to me sign me up Source: dusty-purple 86,676 notes Persephone
America, Children, and Dude: Callie Little Follow Imagine a United States where kids were given fucking food because they're kids. Imagine a United States where a five year old didn't have to step the fuck up and set the bar. By Elizabeth Licata The Daily Meal OCTOBER 17, 2017, 8:10 PM five-year-old girl from Michigan warmed the Internet's collective heart this week when she emptied out her own piggy bank to try to buy milk for a friend who couldn't afford it. Now her story has touched so many people that her whole class will have milk for at least a year. 7.58 A1 Oct 701T retiredvoldemort: thegeektastichedgehog: a-furious-heart: theinevitablestorm: mysharona1987: I mean, great little girl and all. But people understand this is not really a heartwarming story, right? THIS 5 YEAR OLD HAD TO DO WHAT? This is fucking UNTHINKABLE in Scotland. Every child under the age of 8 is entitled to a free school meal, and milk cartons cost about 12p otherwise. In Sweden we get free food until we graduate at the age of 18/19 AND school is completely free, nothing has t be payed for. In America we routinely let children starve but I guess it’s an improvement in the cannibalism in jamestown Dude for the majority of my time in school I couldn’t afford lunch most days. When this happens in elementary and middle school you have to ask the lunch lady for a ‘free meal’ which is just a carton of milk and a sandwich’ (it’s literally two pieces of white bread with one Kraft single between them, sometimes the bread was moldy too but that’s just a normal American public school problem) I usually just decided to go without food instead At my school (secondary school in South England), we pay for our lunch, but if you cant afford it you can get free lunches because, you know, people need food to function and shit.
America, Colin Kaepernick, and Fire: just-tea-thanks: venom1977: Take a moment to read this so you can fully understand. How it all started, and how we got here. (Unfortunately, the people that could learn something by reading this likely won’t bother). Did you know this? Aug 14, 2016- Colin Kaepernick “sits” for the national anthem…..and no one noticed. Aug 20th, 2016- Colin again “sits”, and again, no one noticed. Aug 26th, 2016- Colin “sits” and this time he is met with a level of vitriol unseen against an athlete. Even the future President of the United States took shots at him while on the campaign trail. Colin went on to explain his protest had NOTHING to with the military, but he felt it hard to stand for a flag that didn’t treat people of color fairly. Then on on Aug 30th, 2016 Nate Boyer, a former Army Green Beret turned NFL long snapper, penned an open letter to Colin in the Army Times. In it he expressed how Colin’s sitting affected him. Then a strange thing happened. Colin was able to do what most Americans to date have not… He listened. In his letter, Mr. Boyer writes: “I’m not judging you for standing up for what you believe in. It’s your inalienable right. What you are doing takes a lot of courage, and I’d be lying if I said I knew what it was like to walk around in your shoes. I’ve never had to deal with prejudice because of the color of my skin, and for me to say I can relate to what you’ve gone through is as ignorant as someone who’s never been in a combat zone telling me they understand what it’s like to go to war. Even though my initial reaction to your protest was one of anger, I’m trying to listen to what you’re saying and why you’re doing it.” Mr. Boyer goes on to write “There are already plenty people fighting fire with fire, and it’s just not helping anyone or anything. So I’m just going to keep listening, with an open mind. I look forward to the day you’re inspired to once again stand during our national anthem. I’ll be standing right there next to you.” Empathy and understanding was shown by Mr. Boyer………and Mr. Kaepernick reciprocated. Colin invited Nate to San Diego where the two had a 90 minute discussion and Nate proposed Colin kneel instead of sit. But why kneel? In a military funeral, after the flag is taken off the casket of the fallen military member, it is smartly folded 13 times and then presented to the parents, spouse or child of the fallen member by a fellow service member while KNEELING. The two decided that kneeling for the flag would symbolize his reverence for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice while still allowing Colin to peacefully protest the injustices he saw. Empathy, not zealotry under the guise of patriotism, is the only way meaningful discussion can be had. Mr. Kaepernick listened to all of you that say he disrespects the military and extended an olive branch to find a peace. When will America listen to him? We can all learn from this backstory. The truth often lies in the middle. Seek to learn the opposing side’s point. FUCKING THANK YOU! I HAVE BEEN SCREAMING THIS OUT TO CIVILIANS “OFFENDED” ON SMs BEHALF FOR WEEKS!
Alive, Being Alone, and Bad: Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 Okay, one last thread. And then I'm watching Gilmore Girls. Idk what they're teaching about Nazis in school these days but here goes.. 275 7.9K 9.6K Katie @YourRacingBelle Follow When Hitler marched into Poland in 1939, my grandma was two years old. It was not immediately obvious that anything was changing in her town 5:46 PM-15 Aug 2017 from Alafaya, FL 1,351 Retweets 2,970 Likes OOOOOO 67th 143.0K Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 Replying to @YourRacingBelle When she was 4 years old, she was playing outside when she suddenly heard yelling and screaming. She looked across the yard to see Nazis. 4 t 306 1.7K Katie @YourRacingBele Aug 15 And to see the dead body of her three year old neighbor boy who had been playing loudly in his yard. The Nazis were annoyed by the noise. Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 They shot him dead on the spot. 3 years old. Dead from a Nazi bullet. Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 A couple of months later, my grandmother and her family were woken up very early in the morning. They were told to get up and go outside 2t 250 1.5K Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 They were marched to the train station. Her father got on one train. Her mother her baby sisters, and her were put on another 91 ti 252 1.5K Katie @YourRacingBele Aug 15 On the first day my grandma, who was five now, was in Majdanek, she and the other children were told to line up outside before breakfast. 91 tl 253 1.5K Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 The Nazi soldier counted each child. One...two...three...our... ive...six...seven...eight...nine...the tenth child was shot. 2 311 1.5K Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 The soldier told the children that any bad child would be shot. So they must work and not complain or be loud. Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 My grandma was a Polish Catholic, which was only a couple steps above a Polish Jew. One of the officer's wives decided she wanted a child 2 t 279 1.6K Katie @YourRacingBele Aug 15 So she "adopted" my grandma. Changed her name. Told her her mother was dead. And that she was a German now Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 The day the news broke that the Allies were coming to Poland, the German officer and his wife left in a hurry. In so much of a hurry... Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 That they forgot my grandma, their special new daughter. She was found in one of the officer's homes after 3 days alone t 267 1.6K Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 The Red Cross took her in, and they asked her her name, which she barely remembered. They spent six months looking for her family 253 1.6K Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 They were eventually found, somehow all alive. Aunts and uncles weren't, but mother, father, and baby sister were 4 th 246 1.9 Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 My grandma did not remember the Nazi officer and his wife with fondness. She did not view them as humans or benefactors. Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 And she did not tell me this story until the day she took me to the gates of Majdanek. Where she broke down screaming at the memories. 4 t1 309 2.2K Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 That was in 2001. 56 years after she was rescued by the Red Cross. Those horrors did not fade with time. They were ingrained in her brain 4 2.5K Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 Studies show the Holocaust changed the DNA of its victims. Changed their mental make up. I live with that DNA, with that change. Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 And if you believe that Neo-Nazis are "good people" or they "deserve a voice", I remind you of a three year old boy shot dead Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 That is what giving the Nazis a voice in 1933 led to. It led to my grandma sobbing outside a place where she was imprisoned 10 500 2.6K Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 The Nazis did not start with these things. They started with a voice. And a message. And it ended in unspeakable horrors. Katie @YourRacingBelle Aug 15 And that? That is why Neo-Nazis don't deserve a voice. Because those they worship didn't just talk. 91 775 4.4K
Alive, Appalled, and Baked: Baked AlaskaTM @bakedalaska Netflix announced a new anti- white show (Dear White People) that promotes white genocide. I cancelled my account, do the same. #NoNetflix NETFLIX Browse Kids DVD Your Membership is Canceled An email confirmation will be sent to timothytreadstone@icloud.com. Back to Account Baked AlaskaTM abakedalaska OK WHO TF SIGNED ME UP FOR PLANNED PARENTHOODD THAT IS TOO FAR!!! i nanks Tor signing up: Today at 1:32 PM From: Maurice Smith To: Timothy Treadstne> Dear Tim MS Hide Planned Parenthood Care. No matter what Today at 1:42 PM Dear Timothy Eat a dick Thank you for joining Planned Parenthood's online network, Planned Parenthood is a visible and passionate advocate for policies that enable Americans to access Sent from my iPhone become part or a movement. Today at 1:44 PM Hello Mr. Treadstone, Netflix has carefully reviewed your concerns about the show Dear White People and has decided to cancel it. HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIG N We would like to let you know that your regularly viewed shows are still available: Hello! I'm Triagered" 2/8/17, 4:30 PM From: Netflix Executive NE To: Timothy Treadstone> Hide Our Apologies Mr. Treadstone Today at 1:01 PM Hello Mr. Treadstone, Netflix has carefully reviewed your concerns about the show Dear White People and has decided to cancel it. We would like to let you know that your regularly viewed shows are still available: "I'm Triggered" "Everything Should Be for Me" "I Think I know the Content of a Show Without Watching It" "I Think Transformers Promotes Human Genocide, But I Still Like It Because I Want to Fuck A Truck" smatter: stardustsherlock: bellygangstaboo: I am deceased I am alive I stalked this guys insta once because I thought he was hot after seeing him in a buzzfeed video and I was APPALLED
Summer, Change, and Look: Decided to change my look this summer. Thoughts??

Decided to change my look this summer. Thoughts??