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Dicks, Party, and Police: LETS BREAK THIS GENDER EQUALIT ...BULLSHIT DOWIN. LET'S TALK ABOUT GENDER EQUALITY... Women who hit men are BITCHES. Women are brave if they hit men Men who hit womem are DICKS. Don't hit anyone. The WEAK and LITTLE who -stand against their bullies are BRAVE Men are evil, brutal perverts if they hit women The STRONG and BIG who attack those unable to defend are EVIL and BRUTAL. ANYONE is romantic when they suddenly kiss their SIGNIFICANT OTHER or someone who wants to be kissed dss my dass Women are romantic if they suddenly kiss men EVERYONE who suddenly kisses a STRANGER or someone who doesn't want to be kissed is perverted. Men are perverted if they suddenly kiss women Who lirts by staring at man's crotch?REALLY Maybe as a part of forplay, but at that point,both parties are allowed to stare at anything. Women staring at men's crotch it's flirting Staring at breasts has time and place. Inappropriately drooling over random female's chest IS offensive Men staring at women's breasts it's perverted and offensive Let's split Il you ASK someone out, the dinner is ON YOU by default unless discussed otherwise. If the INVITED PARTY offers to pay for themselves, that is INDEPENDENT. She is independent Let's split the bill If the INVITING PARTY asks them to pay, that is He is cheap Mistake is mistake. When you realise, you've done it,you CORRECT IT A GAWKING IDIOT in wrong bathroom is statisticaly very likely a pervert. It's just a mistake if women go into men's bathroom Presumably most women dont want to see male bathroom, but a lot of men wouldnt mind seeing a female one. However! Men are perverted if they Calling someone pervert based on a go into women's bathroom STEREOTYPES ASSHOLEy. is just wrong. Women doing work: Help me!" When someone NEEDS help HELP THEM. If someone is TAKING ADVANTAGE of you, SENT THEM TO HELL Men doing work:"it's natural!" ANY reported sexual assault should have CONCEQUENCES. Police To succumb to the temtation of stereotipical non-arguments, here is the missing step: what were GENDER EQUALITY starts with identifying the issue without specifying the GENDER. WHATIP No potato? You DICKBUTT! HERE GENDER EQUALI Gender equality, I dont think it means what you think it means