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Fucking, Love, and Shower: hgk477 HG7 When taking the elevator Stand in front of the elevator. Press the 1. button and wait for the doors to open. Step inside. Select the floor you would like to visit 2. The doors will close When the elevator is on the right floor, 3. wait for the doors to open and step out. Good job! 4. Avoid taking the lift really late at night. Teens like to do it in there. 5. If during your elevator ride a cleaner holding a mop enters, inspect the bucket of water for blood. Trust your instincts. 6. Sometimes a person with a dog walks in. Make sure the dog and the leash are both inside the elevator before the door closes Shorcs love to reside in elevator 7. shafts. Being near them causes you to hallucinate rather vividly. I recommend writing something on your hand that reminds you of reality. Keep reading the words on your hand until you get out of the elevator. If you forget to do this, you might not be able to read the words properly as you could already be hallucinating. The door might open to a different world. Effects usually wear off after three days. With a bit of luck, you avoid getting taken to the asylum. 8. The largest elevator manufacturer uses the same code to visit hidden floors. Buyers often forget to change it. Press open, close, open, 1, 1, and then hold close for 3 seconds. 9. If the doors open and the elevator is not there, stare into the void. Let it consume you. Close your eyes. Imagine where you want to go. Step inside. Open your eyes when the sensation of your body being torn apart has disappeared 10. Sometimes the elevator gets stuck Press the 'alarm button' on the control panel and ask for help. Do not worry when the lights start to flicker. The spirit inside the elevator is excited to have a companion for at least an hour or so. Do not forget to recite the words on your hand over and over again. 11. An elevator could crash. It happens very rarely. You will most likely die. 12. When other people enter the elevator, say hi. Watch out for the people who do not greet you back. More guides Taking a shower at night Walking up the cliff through the fog If you are a researcher or adventurer and want to share a guide, join subreddit! our beepfuckingbeeprichie I'm taking the fucking stairs Source: hgk477 8,489 notes Beep boop my turn on the button