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Lit, Spider, and Vine: THE POCKET ENCY CLOPEDIA OF INDOOR PLANTS IN COLOR A. Nicolaisen urdy, have 10 erect trunk with site,shieland holes. From the stems, large Philodendron scander Growth: Vigorous clim while very small on en leaves on long ield-like leaves unches of hanging aerial roots are formed. Older plants may, under favour Sweetheart Vine able conditions in conservatories or Habitat: West Indies. hothouses, develop large, calla-like G inforescences with white spathes. Later, with pointed, heart-shap s with dots and pale yellow and pale ultivated as a young plant and en. C carded when the bottom leaves are d, its value as an ornamental plant i s debatable e: Best in a warm greenhouse, o good in a room after careful har ing off. Thrives for a time in dee g off. Thom after caou but aromatic edible fruits appear, which de. Requires a lot of space. 1S grow to lengths of 30 cr have a taste similar to that of a pine- specimens. New leave brown and almost trans Use: Decorative room plant, requiring a lot of space. Suitable for trellising to l: Soilless mixture or light leaf mould ding: 3 grams per litre (1 oz. per ter: Should be kept moist all the year ht: Never direct sunlight. Thrives in Use: Well suited as cli alls, doorways and large windows. Soil: Soilless mixture with added peat. pH Feeding: 3 gram gallon) every Fertiliser sh moist soil trellises or walls or as a plant, also as a ground rvatories. An amusin s to allow the pla enveloped in mois soil on) every week (March-October). nd. Will not stand drying out. dy rooms, halls or staircases. t: Poor growth if temperature falls w minimum 15° C. (60° F.) during er st attractive and amount in t ss mixture rams per Frequent spraying. especially in lit positions, the spots and edges. Heat: Normal room temp not less than 12° C. (55° F Air: Syringe during gro up to very good centrall he Re-potting: Every 3 orA years Propagation: By cuttig top shoots with the aerial roots atta hed. They should be planted in equal arts of soilless mi:x ее ai otting: Every spring, in spacious agation: By cuttings in a green in an enclosed atmosphere, with e Mealy bug, red spider mite ially when the growing point is ri it e and sand, and must be kept moist and warm Varieties: borsig ina (but correctly Monstera pertus, which has smaller eaves and mor aerial roots than the type, and grows ore rapidly and vigor- ously. Can al be used in smaller rooms. This is e variety illustrated. NOTE: Aerial pots, which--like ordin ary rootss ve as ducts for transmit The sap in the leaves and stems is nous varieties: There are many hybrids this and other species with a variation in the distribution of en rs in the leaves. See also below. enbachia leopoldii