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Apple, Ass, and Bitch: Apple AirPods cost $159, but they can't pay taxes or decent wages to their Chinese factory workers! you SAID ON AN iPHONE.GOTCHA HEH *POST* CARS SHOULD HAVE SEAT BELTS! YET YOU BOUGHT ONE. HyPOCRITE MUCH? OWNED. WE SHOULD YET YOu SOCIETY . CURIOUS! I AM VERY IMPROVE SOCIETYPARTICIPATE IN SOMEWHAT. INTELLIGENT BORS celticpyro: thespectacularspider-girl: mattbors: edgeworth-for-the-truth: sindri42: captainkupo: mattbors: “Mr. Gotcha” on The Nib theres literally better alternatives to fucking buying an iphone dipshit your comic sucks dick There’s this weird disconnect in so many apple users where they hate Apple but they cannot conceive of anybody except Apple producing a viable smartphone or computer. You can get a machine that matches or exceeds every single aspect of any apple product for half the price, easily, but they need to get the one with an apple logo on it and then complain about apple. It’s like complaining that your car lacks a seatbelt when every other car on the road already has a seatbelt and you specifically paid extra to get your own seatbelt removed because you didn’t like the color. If you buy from Apple and complain about their business practices, you deserve to be made fun of and especially be called a boot licker. I am not sorry at all. You could have chosen from anyone else but you deliberately chose the most expensive and bullshit company to buy from, you pompous piece of human garbage. Stop virtue signally and maybe actually consider try helping those factory workers instead of enabling them. Shit head People really think this comic was some sort of pro-Apple comic and missed the point entirely. They’re real mad tho. And yet your stupid ass doesn’t get the underlying statements about Apple still apply to your smug comic. You don’t get to bitch about, say, capitalism when you engage in the excesses of capitalism.  To mix the two metaphors, if you bitch about capitalism from an iPhone, congrats, you just proved you’re a hypocrite because you COULD have bought a phone made with more ethical means or that didn’t have the associated brand on it, but you did.   Because you don’t really give a shit about making the changes yourself, you just want to virtue signal and have no actual principles. That’s why people bring up this kind of double-think, yet you felt the need to portray this valid criticism as a strawman so you can look intelligent. Seriously though! That’s why I hate this comic.The “cars should have seat belts” one is also dumb because guess what? The guy who conceptualized seat belts got them normalized in cars. The serf working under a feudalist system? Has absolutely no power to change it. In fact, they’re the one being exploited here, more comparable to the factory worker who built your iPhone than the upper-middle class person complaining about it. There’s a difference between recognizing a system is messed up while you have no control over the matter (as you’re the one personally being exploited), looking at a problem and deciding to change said problem, and doing absolutely nothing about the problem while participating in someone else being exploited when you can, in fact, choose not to be a partaker. No, not wanting to do something mildly inconvenient isn’t “the illusion of choice”. Fuck you and your shitty comic.