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Her discription said "I talk about existentialism a lot". I got a bit too excited and scared her off (she didn't reply after this): Sat, Mar 2, 14:55 What's the meaning of life? Wed, Mar 6, 00:22 I dont believe life as a meaning What about personal meaning produced by true ambition? Great as long as it makes you happy fulfilled I guess but I dont think it has anything to do with "the meaning of life What do you think it's the meaning of life? Wednesday 00:58 I don't know. I don't see any reason to bother with any sort of existential meaning, or the existence of such a thing. I already find enough value in the ability of subjective meaning to give hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak. This subjective meaning might find its way in a religion for some but for me it's more so driven by my own aspirations, values and goals, and the beauty of our world and the stars around us Or some shit like that Wednesday 10:48 I sort of agree with the idea that your goals and the beauty of the world may make life worth living", from a very personal point of view ut yeah I dont believe in a inherent existential raison d'être for my persona or anybody else aside from the fact that the earth had the perfect conditions for humans to develope We're here for that reason and I dont think there's an ultimate goal or purpose that we should accomplish like finding happiness or helping others or leaving something that will stay after your death or any of that really Wednesday 11:35 I think the ultimate existential question lies within a mystery we can never solve; why or how the universe was created, or by who. We can find reasons for anything after the creation of the universe; like how humans evolved to become what we have become. Does the fact that we have reached a higher degree of self-awareness tharn something else give us any more reason to exist than that other thing? I personally don't believe so. If we were omni- scient everything that ever hap- pened could be traced back to the big bang, and we don't know shit about why that happened and for the simple fact that we can impossibly know, I choose to be ignorant rather than delusional over such a thing So just like you, I don't just assume there's an "ultimate goal. But the goals you mentioned, like happiness and making a difference, could just as well be personal goals, right? After all, for all we know, is the personal point of view" not the only viewpoint we have? If yes, a goal within that structure might as well be called an "ultimate goal", since it's the overarching goal we conceive ourselves to prove our own existence worthy to ourselves Her discription said "I talk about existentialism a lot". I got a bit too excited and scared her off (she didn't reply after this)