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Bad, Bad Day, and Blade: We have a new roommate moving into the house today. Welre justtrying to up front with him. to up front with (Un)Official House Rules 1. Every Tuesday morning at precisely 9:45 am each roommate is required to dance in the hallway to Darude's "Sandstorm" for the entire duration. 2. At times Zach can be seen eating peanut butter from the tub with a spoon while listening to Alanis Morissette in tears. You are not to judge him, he had a bad day at work. 3. Jason decorates the kitchen for every holiday. Don't ask (We are interested to see what he has planned for Cesar Chavez Day). 4. If you hear an earth-shattering bellow that sounds like the shrieks of a silverback gorilla in heat, don't be alarmed. It's just Randall sneezing in the other room. 5. Zach can be heard cackling like a witch in his room while watching standup. He's actually conducting witchcraft and he may use you to test spells and potions 7. Certain roommates do not know how to count properly. DO NOT point it out. 8. There's only room for one hipster haircut in the house, Zach currently holds that positon indefinitely 9. Come football season, if the Seahawks are losing and you happen to be within a ten-foot radius of Randall, evacuate the house immediately for your 10.All guests must go through a mandatory drug test before entering the house. 11. When Randall is cooking in the kitchen, do not touch the knife after he is 12.No parties unless Zach is invited. own safety (Not if they're positive or not, we just need to know if they have some). finished with it; the blade is still hot. 13.Zach sometimes uses outdated expressions without knowing it. You should 14. You may hear "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba echoing through the 15.No dishes in the sink. be cowabunga with it. house. Refer to srsfunny:Some House Rules

srsfunny:Some House Rules