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Bailey Jay, Bones, and Life: S TOME OF BEASTS SKELETON, SHARKJAW orm approaches through the murky ter, but as it nears, it becomes clear that this is no living thing. It is made entirely of sharks'jaws joined together and brought to life with grim maga Made from numerous, interlocking shark's jaws, The bumanoid form approaches through wa these horrors are animated through foul magic into a large, vaguely humanoid shape. Sahuagin priests animate them to guard their sepulchers of bones These sharkjaw skeletons lie among great piles of bones, waiting to rise up and attack any uninvited souls who invade the sanctity of sahuagin holy sites. Others guard pirate treasures or ancient shipwrecks UNDEAD AUTOMATON. Being mindless, sharkjaw skeletons do nothing without orders from their creator, and they follow those instructions explicitly. A sharkjaw skeleton's creator can give it new commands as long as the skeleton s within 60 feet and can see and ear its creator. Otherwise, a arkjaw skeleton follows its last structions to the best of its ability and the exclusion of all else, though it will ays fight back if attacked. DEAD NATURE. A shroud doesn't require ood, drink, or sleep AW SKELETON ad, lawful evil s 13 (natural armor) 15 (6d10 + 12) swim 30 ft. Languages understands the languages of its creator can't speak Challenge 1 (200 XP) X CON NT bunjywunjy: ketchuplaser: bunjywunjy: armchair-factotum: young-replica: ??????? The wizard that made this knew exactly what they wanted โ€ฆokay my next character is going to be one of these with Groucho Marx glasses @bunjywunjy, I got you. I was going to name them Captain Sharkjaw, but you do you. โ€œI once killed a Owlbear in my pajamas. How it got into my pajamas Iโ€™ll never know.โ€ now heโ€™s Groucho Sharks

bunjywunjy: ketchuplaser: bunjywunjy: armchair-factotum: young-replica: ??????? The wizard that made this knew exactly what they wanted ...

Being Alone, Barber, and Come Over: therealraewest A guy just came to my house while I was home alone to ask if I was single why are men like this therealraewest Okay yknow what I'm gonna soapbox for a hot minute When I was in high school, a man who l'd thought was the parent of a school friend followed me out to the grocery store parking lot greenhouse where I worked. It was dark and late, and it was me, alone, in a chain link enclosure with one exit and a register full of cash. He called me up to the fence and asked if I wanted to get dinner, or go dancing. I was scared and shaking and told him no several times, and he only left when I falsely said I had a boyfriend. I was very aware that if he were to come over the fence, or just wait at the exit until I eventually had to leave, I could do nothing about it. When my hair was very short, a hairdresser sent me to the barber's side of the store so they could get the back of my head with clippers. The barber followed me out to my car to ask me out afterwards. I was very aware that we were the only people in the parking lot when it happened, and that the lot itself was tucked behind the building with no clear visibility to the road Today, a man l've met once made it very clear he knows where I live, and used that knowledge to express a romantic interest. If he ever decides that he's unhappy with how I responded, he knows where ve. He knows what my car looks like. It is impossibly easy for him to determine when I'm home alone and now l have to live with that knowledge. Every woman I know has at least one story like this. My roommate had to be escorted to her car every night when she was a waitress, in case some man was waiting for her or a coworker's shift to end If the person you want to ask out cannot physically run away from you when you are asking, YOU CANNOT ASK THEM OUT. You cannot ask someone out if they are at work. You cannot ask someone out if you've followed them to a remote/unoccupied/en- closed area. You cannot GO TO SOMEONE'S HOME UNINVITED to ask them out. You are not being romantic. You are not "taking initiative". You are terrifying the person you want to woo. If they say yes, it is not because they want to, it is because they are terrified of what might happen if they say no I'm so tired of being terrified by men who think they're being romantic. Source: therealraewest 139,916 notes This is fucked up