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Creepy, Family, and Fanfiction: professorsparklepants Role swap au where Zuko was the Avatar who got frozen for a hundred years, so when he's rescued from the ice instead of a goofy twelve year old Katara catches this mysterious teenager with long hair and a cool scar and a fucking DRAGON Katara: BOY???? HOT BOY?????? HOT TEENAGE BOY????????? Zuko: *speaks* Katara: nevermind I hate him brawltogethernow How does Aang factor into this? I ask because the more l think about it the more I want him to somehow be trying to capture the Avatar. professorsparklepants Aang is 112 years old, decided he was going to be Zuko's airbending teacher, and refuses to take no for an answer brawltogethernow Aang: Aw, the new Avatar doesn't want me Aang: "gets out a weighted net* Time for Plan B then professorsparklepants JDJSHJABDBFJSH brawltogethernow Look, you know how you keep a net from falling on you? YOU AIRBEND IT, SUCKA. Air comes right after fire in the cycle so it's not like the guy has any other options. Do you want a flaming net falling on you? No? Then learn to airbend. Or this tiny old man will cart you away like a trussed turkey and lecture you about the power of laughter, going with the flow, opening your chakras, and other hippie shit brawltogethernow Sokka, slouching against a fence, not moving: Oh nooooooo, that creepy old man stole the Avataaaaaaaaaar Sokka, sitting down on the ground: We should dooooo something Sokka, pulling out his lunch: Otherwise he might actually learn something That would be teeeerrible. Katara, indignant rage coursing through her body: Sokka!!!!! We have to o look for him!!!! Sokka: Might! Actually! Learn! Something! Katara! Katara: wavers* Katara, also sitting down: We have to go look for him... "gets out her own sandwich But, maybe after lunch professorsparklepants I love that this transforms Aang's role in the full Team Avatar familial situation from the baby of the family to the Grandpa with weird hobbies Source: professorsparklepants Fanfiction is good, actually.